Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Family Reunion - Laredo Style

Last year about this time,
we ventured down to 
for the annual family reunion.

If you would like to review
last years 
reunion post

Siblings and cousins
fly in from all over the country
to spend time a few days with each other
every year!
It is a wonderful tradition...

We, of course,
made the trip down this year too...

Here is a pictorial review of our trip:

Mr. T spent a few quiet minutes
visiting with Grandpa...
my husband is JFM III - 
he is the 4th...
this gentleman
is the 

So when we come to visit,
III  (the hubs)
IV (my oldest)
are all together.

Mr. T showed grandpa his truck...

Then even let grandpa hold it!!

We spent a little while
just visiting with the first guests.
These shin-digs don't usually start 
til around 7pm!
We get there early and help out
and visit before the chaos begins.

This is a great picture of'
one of his aunts
Ms. Priss
(of course).

The party finally got started...

Here is the
"kids table".

The littles hung out with 
the older kids
and got to do older kid 

play video games
drink soda!

Our chef
this gentleman comes every year to play
for the family reunion.

Daddy and one of his uncles...
I see the family resemblance!

Mr. T wandering around eating
a tortilla.
I think that might have
been the ONLY thing 
we got him to eat all night!

I talked the kids into posing for a quick
picture with grandpa...
this was the only one of the 
three pictures with all the kids
eyes open!
Not quite sure what Ms. Priss is doing here!

I guess she was dancing...
cause she and Mama Grande
took a few spins around
"the dance floor".

Mr. T snagged a dance partner
and they put on a little show for grandpa!

Then after watching Mr. T dance a bit,
papa grande wanted to toughen him up
and started boxing with him.

Daddy with another one of his uncles...
yep family resemblance there too!

Then me and the hubs!
Hey - I made it in 
another picture!!

Another tradition at these shin-digs...
is all of the siblings getting up and 
singing the same song.
I have no idea what it is
but they love it!  
And so does everyone else!

Mr. T was flipping over it!

As the night was drawing to an 
end for our crew
(we drove back to San Antonio that night,
but the party was still going STRONG 
when we left at 11pm!!!)
we tried to gather everyone together for a 
couple of pictures.

Here are all the cousins that were there:

Then all the cousins with their spouses.
I took this one
and then handed off my new
fancy smancy camera
to someone else
and ran and got in picture...
it didn't take
so yet another picture I am NOT in.  

Then the offspring of the cousins & spouses.
One third of these kids belong to me.

Then the siblings with their daddy...

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