Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cub Scouts: Blue to Gold

here is an absolutely random picture
that fits into this blog in NO WAY
but I loved it,
so I had to include it.

Ok, on to scouts!!!
We absolutely adore our cub scout pack.
We tried another one when we moved here,
then stumbled upon this one when we switched 
churches about a year ago...
It is a WONDERFUL group of 

Daddy is a den leader
and the webmaster
and was the "Popcorn Colonel" this year.

Here are quite a few pictures from our
Blue to Gold Ceremony 
this year.

It was a VERY fun evening
and very eventful...
so bare with me and 

This is John,
our fearless leader!

 Since this was the big ceremony,
the Webelos did the flags for us...
One of our scouts was borrowing a 
special chair to help him stand up and
be a part of the group...

 He did a great job of calling the instructions
for the scouts presenting the colors.

They followed instructions well. (teehee)

Then the kids ate...
and of course,
the scouts got to go first
(well almost first)

That's a lot of little mouths to feed!!!

Some of the leaders jumped back to help serve,
definitely helped move things along...

instead of
"do you want fries with that"
they were asking
"do you want sauce with that"

I actually made it into a picture!

 Our parish priest joined us
and said a prayer over all of our
wonderful boy scouts.

He is a wonderful supporter of our
scouting group!

Then all of the "crossing over" started...
we had a LOT of kids crossing over into the 
next level up...
it was fun to watch!

John and his infectious smile
did the MCing of the crossing over...

Here is daddy helping our boys:

We now have a Wolf Cub

And a Webelo!!
But that is not possible,
because none of my kids are
old enough to be Webelos!!!!

Then John graciously thanked all of his 
den leaders and assistants.

Yes, my husband is a total goofball,
but this group is so much fun to be 
silly and crazy with!!

The next part of the ceremony
and pictures
requires a little background info

He is smiling now because he knows what
he is in for...

Know what these things are for??

Nope, not cutting these curl,
nice try though!
These are sticking around a little longer...
(til I'm tired of 'em!)

Those clippers were for our fearless
always smiling

You see,
back in the fall,
in order to try to encourage
our pack to sell tons of popcorn...
he gave us a little friendly incentive...
He informed us that he would 
if we sold $X in popcorn!

we blew it out of the water...
he made good on his 

The leaders got to do the honors,
and daddy just happened to be the first 
Notice the hands over the eyebrows?
Apparently there had been 
threats to remove an eyebrow...
So he felt the need to protect those...

Daddy was having way too much fun with
those clippers!

Each leader got a turn...
and each time,
he protected those eyebrows!

They had way too much fun 
messing with his haircut...

And John was such a good sport about it...
still smiling!

Since we blew the popcorn goal
out of the water...
he agreed to let the goatee go too...
protecting the eyebrows!

Then we decided the wife should get a go at the 

He's even protecting his eyebrows from HER!!!

 Bless his heart...
everyone was just messin' with him like you wouldn't

So if you need a reminder....



What a good sport!?!?!

his sweet little girl was NOT pleased
with his new look!

But a kiss from her daddy,
made her feel better.
And reminded her
that he was still the same daddy...

Then came even MORE fun and excitement!!!

As another incentive for the boys,
any scout who sold individually
more than a certain amount
would get to throw a pie
in their den leaders face!!!

Needless to say,
the kids had entirely too much fun with this one,
especially since all these den leaders were
daddies to cubs!
Some of the cubs got to throw pies
in their daddy's faces!

A once in lifetime opportunity I am SURE!!!



Nice SHOT kiddo!!!

Next victim,
I mean den leader...

After his older boys got a chance to 
throw a pie at him,
his younger
(non-scout) son
got a chance too...
they let him get a little closer...

Leave it to your little brother to take advange and mess up your hair!!!

Then the lone lady leader in our group,
was volunteered since her
male counterpart just 
to be at THIS pack meeting!!

Our daddy stood in the back,
safely with a baby on his shoulders...

Wonder if he thought they would forget about him...

There were many different ways that they attempted to 
hold the plastic sheet in order 
to protect clothing...

Then MY husband gets up there and
"doesn't need the sheet"...
yeah, cause he isn't doing the laundry!!!

The boys each got a couple of pies to 
throw in daddy's face!

No, he did not look like that getting in MY car!
He cleaned up a little and changed his shirt...
but lemme tell ya,
whipped cream STINKS after it has been out for a bit!!!

We had a long and exciting night!
And absolutely LOVE our Pack!!

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