Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jump! Jump!!

Wow - 
we are finally up to February 2013!
At this rate...
mercy - 
I don't even want to think about how 
far behind I am!

Being the big football fans we are,
we planned to watch the Super Bowl.
We didn't have any major plans
for a big party...
we never do...
we are pretty low key.

Down here,
BBQ is beef brisket.
I have been disappointed way too many
times going to a BBQ restaurant and
NO pork being on the menu!!

They have NO idea what real BBQ is down here!
So finding pulled pork,
you gotta do it yourself!

So we do.

We have smoked a couple of butts
and decided that we needed to fire up 
the smoker for super bowl.
Why not?

We started at around 2am
to make sure the pork was done for Super Bowl.
Then later in the morning,
put some chickens on,
a couple of turkey legs
then even later some smoked sausage
(just to heat those up really).

Here we are mid-cooking...
look at that butt!
I am ready to make some more now!!

And, of course, 
you have to clean up before any party...
even if it is just family.

Mr. T, er, Prince T
did his part.
(wearing his crown from the 
birthday party the previous weekend)

Then the older boys talked me into 
jumping on the trampoline with them.

I think they just like me to jump
so they can go 

Then the littles got some 
trampoline time
with mommy too!

While I had a captive audience,
I asked daddy to hop up there 
with us and take a picture!


 After all the cooking,
and jumping...
Mr. T just couldn't make it through
the game...

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