Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Critters

not talking about the kids here.  

And I am not talking about the furry kind
(I can't handle the furry kind - too much work
and too much fur!)

We have the kind of critters
that live in water.

Last year the family got an aquarium

We have all enjoyed watching the fish
and adding to it over time.

We have quite the eco-system going on in there.
1 fresh water crab
3 mollies
1 guppy (left)
3 some other kinda fish
1 swimming frog

For Christmas, 
J asked for a 

It was his top item...
so we were thankful when Santa brought it.  

Daddy was diligent 
and ordered the frog to grow

It arrived a few days later.
And I think daddy was just as excited
as the kids were!

The tadpole had been living with us
for about a week in this picture...

We put his home right next to the aquarium,
so he wouldn't be lonely...

Then when we were doing our Christmas shopping
Daddy stumbled upon a neat gift 
that he wanted to get the boys...
I wanted NO part of it
and told him that this gift would be coming from him...
and him alone!

When the kids opened it,
I even told them that it was daddy's idea!  :)

Are you kidding me???
An ant farm??

daddy was just as excited,
if not more!

So he opened this one up too,
in order to figure out how to get the ants.

We discovered that after buying this kit,
you still have to buy the ants too!

So being the economical man he is...
he decided he would just get some out of the yard!
we have fire ants in our yard!
(we kill the nests as soon as we find them)
well apparently we hadn't gotten them all
or they came back...
so daddy went on the hunt.
(I was against this too,
but didn't want to buy ants either)

He made a make-shift case for the ants
to get them into the new farm.

So the transfer of the ants worked...

 They successfully transferred quite a few ants
into the farm and got the lid on it.

Then again, against my better judgement...
they brought it inside.
I would have preferred that they had spent
the night outside just in case they escaped.

They came in and joined our critter shelf...
right next to the aquarium and tadpole.

Within a day or so,
I received the news that all the ants were gone!

no one got bit...
I have no idea where they wound up
or how far they got...
but thankfully no one got bit!

So now we have an empty 
ant farm sitting on the critter ledge!

We all enjoyed watching our tadpole grow.
It was neat to watch his tail disappear.

We finally felt it was time to introduce him
to the big tank...
so we cautiously watched to make
sure he wouldn't get attacked!

He did great
and is enjoying his new home!

The new frog...

The original frog...

Daddy wants another one already!  
I think we are going to need a bigger tank!

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  1. I love your critters! But, I'm with you, no ant farms in this house. Bleh. That gives me the shivers just thinking about it.