Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Technical Difficulties...

So I have this awesome new camera...
to take tons of pictures with...
but the pictures are HUGE!

So because of this,
I have to figure out how to resize them...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

But, patience is not a virtue of mine...
I have 4 kids,
and just flat out have

So I really enjoyed being able to 
upload the pictures into blogger and GO!

But I have hit this 
speed bump
Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!
(shout out to my sista!)

So until I can figure out how to streamline this 
process and get pictures 
resized and uploaded more quickly...

Bear with me please!

I have a ton 
of backlog
and a ton of stuff to share...

but for now,
hang in there with me while I figure this out!

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