Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birthday Girl!

My sweet only daughter

on Jan 28th.

We stayed home and
had a few friends over for a 
little get together.
The funny thing is,
in the circles we run in...
we invite 2 other families...
and we have a total of 12 kids here!!

We had a nice little little gathering for our sweet girl.

She wanted a princess party.
But then we made the mistake of taking
her to Party City
(along with everyone else)
and she couldn't make up her mind
WHAT exactly she wanted...
she wanted a
princess/mermaid/Hello Kitty/rock star
birthday party!
How am I supposed to do that?

Since we had the whole crew with us,
we got way more at Party City
than we had planned
(well, than *I* had planned)
I had buyer's remorse as I was
walking out of the store...
already trying to figure out what
was going to go back!

I got home
and got to brainstorming
and internet searching...

I wanted something kinda crafty,
but not over the top...
I wanted some activities,
but nothing that I had to prep too much for.
I loved some of the ideas I saw on
Pinterest when I typed in
Princess Party
but got overwhelmed quickly.
There were some amazing
parties and party ideas
shown on Pinterest.

I was flabberghasted at some of the things...
They were beautiful...
in the end...
we went for the budget friendly party...
And my daughter loved it!
After all - it was for her,

Food Fit for a 4 yo Princess:

 We even had little "swords"
to eat the fruit with!
The boys loved that!!

They could fit 3 grapes on a sword!
They could totally fit more in their hand,
but it is WAY more fun eating them
off of a SWORD!!

The Set Up:

(princess cake designed by the birthday girl
and made by yours truly)

(the boys made her a wonderful birthday banner! -
this may have started a new tradition in our house!)

And one or two balloons!

My baby sister made this amazing tu-tu for my daughter
a few years ago...she wasn't crazy about it
since it was so big...
But she LOVES it now!!!


Lots of playtime with her little friends!

Trampoline Time:

While the girls (plus Mr. T) 
were playing on the trampoline...

the big boys attempted an impromtu
flag football game...

Making froot loop necklaces for little princes & princesses!

Some of the boys taking time out from the game
to pose for me with their necklaces!

We made prince & princess crowns!
But unfortunately J was the only one I could
get to sit still long enough to take a picture of!!

Cake Time!!

How many attempts did it take for Ms. Priss to blow out her candle?






Yep FIVE!  Bless her heart.
We finally decided she needed help!
Look at all those little lips puckered 
up helping her blow!  

As tradition goes in this house...
the birthday person gets to cut their cake...
Big knife for a big cake!
Whoa Momma!

Of course the inside of the princess' cake,
had to be PINK!

Pinata time!! 

We didn't have anywhere to hang the pinata at this house
like we did back in NC...
so we had to get creative...
It worked but was not ideal!!

I adored watching this little one figure out
how to hold the bat!

But she got it!

Mr. T is all boy and
totally knew what to do!
Look at that stance!

 Then this cutie!
She did great!
Made contact and all!
But had her eyes closed!
She is SO good,
she can do it with her eyes closed!

Then the bigger boys got a chance...
but daddy decided to tease them a little...
watch your toes smart guy!  ;)

Then this one did it...
I see a future baseball player right here!
Look at that form!
Good graicous!
He busted the pinata!

Then the swarm began!
Papa Grande helped Mr. T jump in there to get him 
some too!

Random Pictures:

I couldn't resist adding this photo!
This daddy is TOTALLY secure in his 
manhood here!
Airforce JAG too!

A birthday hug and kiss from daddy
for his ONLY little girl!

Then one of the mom's suggested that we 
send up some birthday wishes/prayers
for the birthday girl...
so we did!

We all loved that!

Then Ms. Priss decided to attempt to catch a
hovering balloon!

I love this picture!!

Happy 4th Birthday Angel Girl!

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  1. What a beautiful tutued angel! So excited to squeeze her next week! xo