Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful
Valentine's Day.

Well, I threw our "menu plan" out the window...
(That didn't take long!)
and opted for something a little different last night.
I decided we needed to do something special.
Started out with just a special dessert.
Then it morphed into a special dinner.
Then that morphed into a  
quiet (kinda) dinner for 2
after we fed the kids.

I went to the store to get steaks and lobster tails.
And the fixins for a small cheesecake.
Got enough for everyone.
Then as we walked from the grocery store
to the UPS store (to ship something),
we passed a local 
"Take and Bake Pizza Place"
They had a picture advertising a 
heart shaped pizza for $7...
hmmm...that is interesting.

So on the way back from the UPS store, 
we stopped in.
And wound up with their 
Sweetheart Special.

(disclaimer - the following pictures are mainly for my 
dad - I thought he would get a kick out of them, 
so just enjoy!)

Un-baked Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza


Baked Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza

Un-baked S'mores Dessert Pizza

Final product:

And I got this bright idea to feed the kids first
then put a movie on
and daddy and I could actually enjoy a (semi) quiet

I think the S'mores pizza was a hit based on the 
resulting s'mores pizza faces...
and chocolate teeth!

(and as you know from previous posts - 
the quality and focus of pictures are hit or miss
so do your best to kinda enjoy)

Once we got the kids situated we moved on to...

The adult menu:
Parmesan Crusted NY Strip
Salad with Blue Cheese & Cranberries
Baked Potato
Individual Key Lime Cheesecakes
with Strawberry Sauce
Pink Champagne

Turned out PERFECT!
All of it.
The lobster tails were the BEST I have ever had
(I can't tell you the last time I had lobster, but these were AMAZING!)
The cheesecakes were a combination of recipes.
I used the ingredients from one and used 1/3 of the recipe
(math came in handy here)
and the cooking instructions from another recipe
Definitely will be done again.

Pre-baked cheese-cup-cakes

Final product:

The kids were great, 
except for the occasional uninvited guest appearances
by the baby/bird/lap monkey.

The kids got a combined present of a fish tank.
And their goal is to have one like their Uncle Jack.
BIG goal, but gotta start somewhere.

Here is what they are aiming for:  

 Every one worked together to get the aquarium up and running.

(Is this where the cord goes?)

(J & L rinsing the rocks for the tank)

More rock rinsing...didn't know we could fit this 
many people in that little bathroom!!
Or that rinsing rocks could be a 
spectator sport!

The full, yet uninhabited, aquarium.

We will keep you posted on the fish as we acquire and name them. 

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