Friday, February 10, 2012


I have FINALLY made some decisions
on our curriculum.
Yes, technically, the year
is half over
and yes,
we are getting a late start.
better late than never!

We dove into our Abeka Math books a few weeks ago.
I started them in their current grades
because they weren't ready to move up.
So R is busting through
about 3 lessons a day.
There are 4 lessons then a test.
So he is taking a test 
about every other day.
(Instead of once a week as this program recommends)
He also gets to take "speed drills".
He looks forward to those so much
those are his motivation to get through
multiple lessons a day
so he can take these drills.

J is working in K math from Abeka.
He is getting through multiple pages a day too.
We are just going to keep going at this speed
til we get to some stuff that is more challenging.

We have chosen Abeka for 
History - Our America

We are also going to use 
Confessions of a Homeschooler's 

Then we are using:

Catholic Heritage Curricula for:
More Science:  Behold & See 1 & 2
More Readers: for R & J
Languages of God A - Language Arts

Didn't realize I had gotten 2 Language Arts books for R.
HA - oops.
We will look through both and save
 one for J when he is ready for it.

So big relief there!
All the books should be here Friday.
Which is great.
It will give me the weekend 
to look through them and make some decisions
about which ones we are starting with
and when we are doing 
our "specials".

The "core" subjects will be done every day.
Language Arts

will be done once a week.

We have decided that the amazing land we found last week...
will have to wait a little longer. 

We have kept busy with the normal household stuff.

I do get these moments when I realize
these BIG decisions we have made lately...
have been good ones.  

And although these decisions have not been 
easy to make
easy to implement
sometimes I 
have these moments
where I am thankful
that we JUST DID IT!

We sat down and watched a few episodes of
Lizard Lick Towing last night
which is based in our home "county"
and it honestly 
made me miss home even more!
I loved listening to them talk
brought a smile to my face
and a little of that good ole southern drawl back too.
Then when we got up from the couch
to walk upstairs, 
I honestly had to snap back to reality and
realize that we were not in
our house in NC.
(We aren't in Kansas - er, NC - anymore Toto!)

We are starting to discuss our trips back to NC.
I am SO excited!
And we are making a list of must sees/eats...
New 2 story Chick-Fil-A at Cameron Village
Sushi Thai

Hmmm...actually all of those are must eats!

We are going to be participating in a 
Valentine's Party & Exchange
with one of our homeschool groups.
The exciting & overwhelming part...
there are about 50 kids participating!

That means we have to figure out a way to do
150 Valentine's this weekend.
But happy for the opportunity. 
I am looking forward to it!

Well since I originally wrote this an additional 
12 Valentines have been added to our list.
Bringing the grand total of required Valentine's 
for next week to

Double oy!

Look for pictures next week!
I will try to get back into the picture taking mode and post soon!

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