Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week In Review

This has been a busy week.
I have all but abandoned the
curriculum that had me 
giddy with excitement a few weeks ago.

After getting into it
and reading through 
the materials
it is just not me.

There are many reasons,
but suffice to say - 
the hunt continues!

I told you last week that 
R had written a letter to his old school mates.
At the request of one of my sisters...
we are adding letter writing to our weekly
So aunts and grandmas...
be patient and 
check your mail!
Each week a letter will be written to a different person.
It is an exciting addition to our lessons.

We officially signed A up for dance.
We chose the "hip hop/cheer/tumble" class.
Well actually, she did. 
And she LOVES it.
I captured a few pictures
through the glass.

They aren't the best, sorry.

(warm up laps around the studio)
notice the shirt!!  
Go Pack!!

stop for a couple of jumping jacks

 more jumping jacks

standing on their "x" spots

touchdown move!

We had a birthday this weekend.
 A turned the big 3!!
We started the day by getting up 
SUPER early to have everyone at 
another 8am basketball game. 

Then on to a football game.
Couldn't find a jacket that fit little man...
so we borrowed brother's.

He got a lot of laughs and giggles when I let him get down
and walk around a bit.
Makes me think of ET.

Let me out....

For those interested in keeping count

After this past weekend:
Blue Jays Basketball is 2-1
Wolfpack Flag Football is 2-1

We came home briefly to regroup. 
Then went to an eat-in theater to watch 
a private showing of
Beauty and the Beast.
(oddly no one else showed up to watch the 2pm showing)
That was a first
cause we could let the little ones wander
a little.

Then we took Ms. Priss to 
a habachi restaurant
which was NOT
like the ones back home
and it will probably be a one time visit to that one.

She passed out on the way home.
Then we had to wake her to do her cake
and presents.

Kitty pony tail holders that didn't make it through one church service without falling apart.
I stuffed the errant bow in daddy's pocket without telling him and he gave me the oddest 
look later when he found it.  (yep, he is a daddy of a little girl)

Everyone helped open gifts.

Hello Kitty (of course!!)
Made my your's truly!!
Strawberry Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream - YUMMY!
and a great way to KILL a diet!!

T is trying to figure out where his candle is and why he didn't get one!!

Looks like he is ready to dive in!!

Sunday we did a little "Sunday driving"
and stumbled upon this pretty site!!
This is a river on the other side of the 
Medina Lake Dam...
you will see what is left of Medina Lake below.

This is Medina Lake.
The white all around the edges is where the water USED to be!!!
Apparently they drained the lake right before the drought down here
to do some work...

If you look closely the "debris" on the far side of the hill are:
docks and a pontoon!!!

We actually looked at some property out this way.  
It was beautiful!!
6.33 acres
in a planned subdivision 
with a pool and clubhouse...
wonder what will become of this.

Then Monday we got some much needed rain.
I, personally, LOVE the humidity when it comes.
Feels more like home!
We got a nice steady soaking most of the afternoon.
The kids and I actually sat doing their school work
at the kitchen table with the back door open listening to
the rain.
Then as I started dinner, they wound up on the covered back porch.
And silly me, uttered the words...
"Don't get wet!"

Yeah - fat chance on that one!
I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I didn't 
want to encourage them in their blatant disobedience.
But I witnessed my 
two oldest boys
using coolers and anything they could find
to fill up
the babies' empty turtle sandbox
then they hiked their pant legs up to their knees
and proceeded to stomp and squeal with delight 
as they took turns in the turtle sandbox that they turned into a kiddy pool.
(as much as a 7 yo and 5 yo boy squeal with delight anyways)
All daddy and I could do was just sit there and watch.
Eventually the baby girl got chilly and came in.
Then things got crazy and the boys
asked to go on the 

Hopefully I got some cool mommy points from the boys for this. 
I remember the joy of playing in the rain
when I was a kid.

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