Monday, January 9, 2012


So I was at the grocery store with all 4 kids (as usual)
and in the produce section talking with the boys
about apples and which
flavors we liked and didn't like
and what to look for when picking out apples.
Then a lady walks up to me and says
"Do you homeschool?"

I looked at her like she had 4 heads and said 
"actually we do, what makes you ask?"

She said 
"usually when I see women with a large number
of children they homeschool"

This lead into a longer conversation, 
she was a homeschooler as well.

But one thing I have noticed...
In North Carolina,
we were in
the minority
with 4 children
the responses I got from people in NC
were mixed
but always 
pretty shocked or surprised that
I had 
"that many kids".

Down here we are 
NOT in *that* 
minority at all!

I feel sometimes that we are
on the other end of the
and have 
an small family.

We love every minute of it.
Down to the dinners 
with NO

I now know how my dad felt 
on those many nights
when me and my
two sisters never
stopped talking during dinner.
And worse,
we would have these
laughing fits.
Bless his heart!

Daddy - I understand now!  


But what an odd question to ask 
in the middle of the produce section.
I don't think I look like a homeschool mom.
Do I?

(but then again, what do they look like?)

My new homeschool books are trickling in.
I have all of our supplemental books.
But am waiting 
ever so patiently 
on the syllabus 
and our 
Math books!

Probably won't start on the 
syllabus stuff for another 2 weeks.
We have company coming in
and I am not going to attempt to start a 
new schedule when everything is going to be
"fly by the seat of our pants".

You know I will keep you posted.

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