Monday, January 23, 2012

Pizzas, Putt Putt, PE & PenPals


We have added a new lunch "activity"
make your own pizza! 
How simple and how yummy!!
And the kids love it!!!
And if you get
whole wheat (with fiber) english muffins
2% mozzarella cheese
pizza sauce (no fat, no sugar)
turkey pepperoni
its actually GOOD for them too!!

Our first go at it...
I let the boys make them for everyone.

(yes the boys need haircuts)

Mommy: "Smile"
L: "Cheese"

Mommy:  "Try again, smile, please"
L:  "Cheese"

Mommy:  "Ok, this time open your eyes please"

(Argh! Forget it!)

Whatever - you guys get the point!
The kids all enjoyed the pizzas.

So much we did it a second time and I let L
make her own this time:

Next up...

Putt Putt

We went out to Canyon Lake to explore
took in a quick game of Putt Putt.

T helped retrieve everyone's balls.

Yes - that is a STEEP hill. 

We kept trying to get her to turn the club head around
but eventually gave up and let her do it her way.

Look at that form!  :)

Checking out the hole...

J telling me how much fun that was and
that he was going to do it again.

The ball retriever...

And the ball thief!

Do you know how hard it is to play
Putt Putt with a ball
obsessed 1 year old?

We had a good time - daddy and mommy were playing
in the beginning but
gave up quickly cause it is too hard to keep up with the 
chaos of 
4 little ones
3 swinging clubs
6 loose balls
and a 
1 year old who
decides he needs to 
be in the 
of all of it!


The older 2 participate in a 
Homeschool PE class that we found.
We go almost every Monday 
and the boys really enjoy it.

There is a "coach" who leads all
the games and activities 
and then they get to have free time
before and after
the organized class.

And the cool part is it is 
all different ages (4-14)
all different skill levels

Here are a few pics from freeplay.
Its with my phone so they aren't the best
but if you look really closely
you can see the joy on their faces!!

 and finally...


When we left NC and R left his old school.
His teacher mentioned that he could write to his class
and they would write back.

So as a language arts exercise,
we took her up on that idea!

R made a list of the things he wanted to tell his class about.
Then he wrote a letter
using his best handwriting
and paying attention
to spelling, capitalization 
and punctuation.

I am KICKING myself for not scanning it in 
before we sent it!

I asked him what he wanted to tell them about
and fresh on his mind
was the roller coaster he has been going on
at SeaWorld.
I also suggested he tell them that we are homeschooling
and that I am his teacher.
He told them a little about what we do
and then I used this as an opportunity
to ask him if he liked homeschooling
(so he could put it in his letter, of course)
he said he did (phew!)
so he wrote what he liked about it.
His number one reason for liking
Its a whole lot shorter than normal school!
(whatever, I'll take it!)

I got an e-mail from his teacher today 
and the class enjoyed his letter.
Some of the students are even writing him back!!

One final note...
Daddy introduced the boys to chess about a year ago.
It is a "belt loop" you can earn in scouts.
So daddy took that as an opportunity to teach them.

Since then - they have BOTH caught on amazingly.
And they were gifted with a nice wooden set
for Christmas.
J is way more into it than R though.
I have attempted to avoid learning.
Last night, my 5 yo roped me into a game though.
I told him he was going to have to teach me
and he was MORE than happy to do so.

He did a great job and was very informative and very patient with me.
I told him he was a great teacher.
He got a kick out of the fact that 
I was "his student".

And giggle profusely when I did made a move without considering
the consequences and he took my...
I have no idea what he took to be honest
but he thought it was hilarious when I took his (something)
and then he told me that wasn't a good idea 
and immediately took my (whatever).
I was all excited about my move
til he swiftly took my (whatever), 
in return
and I said 
"well that didn't last long"
and he busted out in a total sly giggle fit.
Wish I would have had a camera!

And yes - I got "schooled" at chess by my 5 year old!

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