Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Incompetent Nincompoops & My Inner Redneck

One of the perks of this move to Texas
has been the opportunity to do 
things with the kids, we have not
yet had the opportunity to do.

My mother-in-law flew
in for a visit.  
Wound up being an unexpected
short visit
but we packed more fun and 
into this weekend.
My husband said it was like a 
and we put poor
Grammy on the plane
But those are the
best kinds of visits,

Our Friday started off with a 
visit to a new urgent care.
We have visited a very highly
recommended pediatrician
but it is a 30 min trek
and I just CAN'T do that.

So we had to hit up the new urgent
care around the corner when
the baby had a coughing 
fit at lunch due to all the crud in his sinuses
and drainage.
We checking into the urgent care shortly after noon.
In my concern for his breathing,
it never dawned on me to 
sign my daughter, A, in
while we were there 
and have her ears looked at.
Since she was complaining the day
before but hadn't since.

REALLY long story short...
2 hours and $100 later
we walked out with them
faxing 2 prescriptions
to our selected pharmacy.
Daughter had massive double ear infection.
Baby had minor ear infection.

Went to the pharmacy and somehow 
they only received one of the prescriptions.

So I picked up the one I could,
then had to go back to urgent care to get a hard copy.
Cause for whatever reason no-one there could
talk to a pharmacist!
Defeated the WHOLE purpose of faxing.
Got back to the pharmacy only to find out
that the incompetent nincompoops at the
urgent care wrote the WRONG name 
down for the baby.
No wonder the pharmacy couldn't find
the scrip for MY child...
there wasn't one!

After all of this - I couldn't wait on the second scrip.
So we decided to come back and get it later.

After we got Grammy from the airport,
we grabbed a late dinner
we went back to the pharmacy to get the 
baby's meds.  
I am not a pharmacist,
but when they are diagnosed with the same
thing and the baby's meds are more
than my daughter's...
it raises a flag.
Come to find out
the wrong dosage had
been prescribed to my daughter. 
She was prescribed 1/4 of the 
dosage she needed.
2.5 ml vs 2.5 tsp
minor typ-o 
consequences when it comes to 
It took 30 minutes to straighten this out with
the urgent care staff!
Once again -
incompetent nincompoops.

So after all that fun on Friday.
Daddy and the older boys were
up and out of the house by
7:15 Saturday morning
headed to J's 
first basketball game.
Daddy coaching by default.
They won.
Then home to get the rest of us
and off to game #2 for the day.
R's first flag football game.
Daddy coaching by choice.
They won.
(Daddy likes to say that he is undefeated.)
Then later that afternoon
Daddy and I took the older two boys
to our first ever
Monster Jam!
I have to admit that
a little of my inner redneck came out!
(I only have a little - promise!)
First and foremost it was
see the shear excitement 
in those boys eyes as
lit up 
 the total joy.

Here are a few pictures 
of the excitement.

R's Favorite Truck

J's Favorite

Mommy's Favorite
(cause I found out a NC boy was the driver!!)

Chick driver!!!  Whoo hoo!!!

You should have seen the entire (sold out!)
arena get on its feet and holler when 
this truck flipped over.

Yep - I got all dressed up to go to the Monster Truck Rally!!  

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