Saturday, January 21, 2012

Almost Like Home...

So you know the boys are playing sports.
R - Flag Football
J - Basketball
For the time being - the kids *have* to pick
ONE sport to play each season.
Yes - we make them,
much to J's chagrin!
He is not quite as aggressive
as R and doesn't seem to enjoy it
as much as R,
but then again - 
not many kids do!

Daddy is coaching both teams.
Team Names are:
Team 2
Team 4

Yeah - the Y got REALLY creative with those!

coach took it upon
himself to name
the teams.
The flag football team, of 7-8 year olds, had no choice.
The basketball team, of 5 year olds, got to vote.

At the last practice,
J's basketball team
all got to bring to the table
their suggestions...
their jersey colors are
Duke Blue.
So the 5 year olds came up with:

(after the local pro basketball team)
(no explanation needed)
Blue Dragons
(no explanation available)
Blue Jays

They widdled it down to:

Blue Dragons
Blue Jays

then they got to vote.

Blue Jays won!
(there was one vote for Blue Jay Dragons)

So J's team is the Blue Jays.

R's team...
like I said
the kids had no say.
Because coach is an 
NC State grad
and has given way too much
of his money to the 
NC State Athletics dept
over the years.
Coach requested
red jerseys.
Then "TOLD"
the kids that we were the Wolfpack.
Figured there wouldn't be many
of those out here.

Our first flag football game,
I am sitting enjoying watching the 
boys in red and hollering 
for the Wolfpack
(quite a different experience than what we are used to - 
I have been to literally almost every single 
NC State Wolfpack  
home game in the last 
15 years!!!!!)
So here I am hollering for 
my replacement 
Wolfpack Football
when the parent beside me starts hollering
the Devils...
then a few minutes later
he yells for...
the Blue Devils
I about jumped out of my skin
with excitement!
(I know, it doesn't take much!)
So here I am
in Texas
1500 miles away from 
and of
the team names these
kids on the other team
could have chosen...
they chose 
the Blue Devils.

So, of course,
I had to share my 
with the parent hollering
for the Blue Devils.

Then today,
we were playing a different team
and I overheard a conversation behind
The coach of the Blue Devils
was relaying the events of the previous week
to another parent and 
I heard him talking about
our "new"
Wolfpack team
and how he
had heard that 
the coach (my hubby)
had recently moved from 
NC and were grads of
North Carolina State 
(sounded weird when he said it like that)
And, yes, I spun around and said
"that's me!"

So even though
I am 1500 miles away

I still get a little piece of home
while hollering for my Wolfpack
as they play
the Blue Devils
twice this winter.

Flag Football Wolfpack

Basketball Blue Jays

Here is a picture of the Wolfpack in action last week.
I forgot the camera this morning so no pics of the Blue Jays yet.
4 kids and an 8am game - I am lucky I remembered all the kids!

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