Thursday, January 19, 2012

Girl Stuff and Boy Stuff

Girl Stuff...
Our daughter is growing up in a house full
of stinky BOYS!
She plays with 
Monster Trucks
(pink ones)
She was addicted to the 
SpiderMan cartoon
(thanks to her daddy for fueling it!)
for a bit.
But we are trying to even out
all the testosterone in this house
with a little extra dose
of estrogen.

Her latest obsession
Hello Kitty 
(I think I have discussed this previously).
She was inundated with
Hello Kitty items
for Christmas.

So we have finally decided to start her in 
dance classes.

Luckily the studio nearby
has allowed us to try 
out their two classes for
her age to see what she likes.

She did the ballet/tap/jazz class 2 weeks ago.

Then yesterday we took her to the other class at this studio:
Hip - Hop/Cheer/Tumble.

This one was WAY more energetic for our little
"wild thing".
But it was WAY more crowded.

Didn't get any pics of that one - it was a bit chaotic with
all those little girls in there and 
parents in the waiting area.

Then I captured this gem at
Jackson's basketball practice 
a few weeks ago...

I really have no words for this picture.

Now on to the 
Boy Stuff

The boys got a set of Kinects for 
Christmas a few years ago from their 
They hadn't played with them too much
til we moved out here
and started this whole 
"homeschooling thing".

So they got a 
Roller Coaster 
set for Christmas too.

They have been 
build it.
Daddy and I have been resisting because it says it is 
for 9+ years
and just knew that it was going to require
adult assistance.

I finally gave in and R worked DILIGENTLY 
at it for a couple of hours in one afternoon.

Then when R was at football practice, 
J decided to try his hand at it...

Yep - 
this is my 5 year old
constructing a roller coaster
said to be for 9+ years!!

I had to help a *tiny* bit with the track.  But
unfortunately with the help of 2 younger
we lost the last piece of track, so we
were never able to actually see it in action.
(And I haven't taken the time to scour the
laundry room and playroom for it.)
And since then, it has been slowly dismantled 
by said younger siblings.

We will try it again in a few weeks and hopefully locate that last piece.

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