Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Holiday Happenings

I enjoy homeschooling.
I really do.
I love being with my kids all day.
They are growing up WAY too fast.
And I was really worried about them
getting restless.
But I am coming up with enough activities
that it works!
And I enjoy it...
Let me say that Christmas shopping 
at night
after the kids were all in the bed
I don't get to do much shopping without
4 sets of "helping hands".

My oldest, R, asked for a special 
Christmas morning breakfast.
Christmas tree pancakes with 
whipped cream and sprinkles.
We did them Christmas Eve morning though.
(Or was it the day after Christmas morning? -
I forget)
Anyways, they loved them!
Christmas morning we had our traditional
sausage pinwheels 
monkey bread.

Here is what our 
Christmas tree pancakes looked like.
(Our predecorated Christmas Tree forest)

I am pretty proud of them personally!!

Notice how I got everyone blinking in all their pictures!

We did quite a few puzzles...
Each one of the kids got to do a floor puzzle.
Thankfully we have a big enough kitchen that no
one got in each other's way!

Oddly - I think my oldest picked the easiest puzzle!!

Then the boys godparents sent the coolest puzzles I have ever seen!!
I just knew these would peak their interest
and keep them occupied for a bit.
they whipped these
puzzles together 
way faster than I thought they would.
Pretty cool!!

(Yes that is a VERY forced smile! - he totally LOVED putting it
together - I promise!)

Daddy took the week off and stayed home with us.
This is the first time we have had a full week vacation with daddy
in I can't tell you how long.
It was nice.
We got to do a couple of fun things.
We went to the movies to see ChipWrecked.
All 6 of us - little T even sat in his own seat 
for a little bit, but got cranky toward the end.
Luckily movies are loud and tend to drown out 
crying babies!
The next day we ventured out to Six Flags - 
aka - Fiesta Texas.
That place is HUGE and way to much to do in one day.
We have been spoiled by the few times
we have been to SeaWorld down here since we got here.
And it has been EMPTY.
The kids were able to ride the same ride back to back 
a couple of times.
Well not this time! 
It was the last big hoo-rah before the season break.
So it was a little busy.
But we enjoyed it.
The following day we went
back to SeaWorld to 
ring enjoy 
New Year's Eve

Princess A accompanied us on that trip!
(notice the princess attire and the monster truck toy in her hand!)

Not a bad way to continue our Christmas season

welcome in 
The New Year!!

(Daddy was playing 
with the settings on our new camera
and was able to capture this shot
of the fireworks 
over the lake at SeaWorld.)

We left the new camera in the stroller
so I had to rely on my SLOW
camera on my phone...
I got a LOT of after shots of the whales
but somehow caught this one PERFECT!

Happy New Year Friends and Family!
I hope that 2012 brings you happiness and peace beyond your dreams!

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