Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Scientists

During my MANY hours
of perusing the web
I found a recommendation for
an at home hands-on science club.
by the Young Scientist Club.
They send a "kit" once a month
that is complete with everything you need for 
about 7 experiments
all relating to the same subject.

We got our first kit a few weeks ago,
(it was a little late)
but I haven't broken it open yet.

After being HOUNDED unmercifully
by the two that these kits are intended for 
I broke down and agreed to open our second 
kit today.

It was on magnets.

Here is what it looked like:

It included:  3 bar magnets, 1 curved one, iron filings,
a little plastic bowl, a small lodestone rock,
a 3"x3" piece of cardboard, a little car
and a bunch of plastic bags.
And a book with instructions.

They created 7 experiments
to use with these items.
And asked questions,
we have started science notebooks now...

The first was to discuss and play with the polarity on the magnets.

Then we experimented with the lodestone rock and iron filings.

Then attached a bar magnet to the car and pushed and pulled it around without
touching it.

Then the boys got to test different objects to see which ones would attract a magnet.
I took creative liberty with a few items.  Thought the kids
would get a kick out of testing some odd stuff.
And yes - I misspelled Chuck E Cheese
I was in a hurry getting the boys set up 
with daddy and this final assignment as I was running
out the door to take A to dance class.

They got to play with the magnet and iron filings and make designs and see how strong
it was (2 different experiments with this).
and my favorite:
We made a compass!!!

Ha!  How cool is that??

Along with talking about magnets,
we are still working on our plants.

The magnet thing showed up so we used it.
(And loved it)
but it didn't fit "neatly" in with the 
seed and plant lessons.

I have put it away and will pull the magnet
items out again when we get to magnets.

Tuesday, we checked our lima bean plants again
and discussed the difference in 
monocot seeds and dicot seeds.
Daddy learned something at dinner
that night, from J!

Here they are sorting out different seeds
and putting them in their group.

Look at the concentration on my sweet J,
he is working SO stinking hard 
on his reading and spelling!!

He was getting a little frustrated cause mommy isn't "telling him" how to 
spell everything, I am being mean and making him 
sound it out the best he can.
So he was mad at me and struggling with 
one of the seed names here but spelled the rest
almost perfectly.
(Meanie mommy, I know)

So in Math, I did have R go through and take about 4 tests,
that resulted in us skipping about 16 lessons.
I am struggling...
I don't want to push him ahead too much.
I want to make sure that he is getting 
a GREAT foundation.
Unfortunately, that means doing
the "easy" stuff a little more.
It really shouldn't be hard 
at this age.
So I might challenge him a little more and time
him on his math worksheets.
He is VERY competitive...
but might have to add time to his
final if he gets wrong answers
because he rushed through.
I dunno...
still working on this thought.

We wrote another letter today.
It is nice to get letters back from family.
I actually have one sitting waiting to be mailed.
Guess I need to get on that!

R was asked what his favorite subject was
in one letter,
his response:
and this was 
we did the magnet lesson.
Made me feel good.

I realized that little T hasn't made it in the posts lately.
So here is one for him...
showing off his new kicks!
I purchased my first set of
crocs EVER!
Well, knock off crocs,
so croc-offs??

He was less than impressed and 
we had a TIME
keeping them on his feet.
So not sure how much wear these
bad boys will get,
oh well.

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