Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Guess what this stack is!?!?!?


I spent a bit of time Sunday night going through the books
and making some plans.
The good news is with Abeka
they have the different subjects
broken up into the same number
of lessons in each grade.
2nd grade Math - 170 lessons
2nd grade Language - 170 lessons
2nd grade Phonics - 170 lessons

That is GREAT!
Unless you start one subject earlier.
We started Math before 
we started the rest.
So we will not be following the 
1 lesson per day plan.  

But none of this is going as 
"planned" so far...
so why start now??

Hopefully we can keep this 
quick pace going.

I am also organizing another part of our life.

We have kinda been stuck in a rut.
I was turned on to 

Unfortunately, I am not sure
I could follow the weekly recommendations.
I have some kinda picky eaters in this house
(and I might or might not be one of them -
depending on what is put in front of me)

But I got a lot of GREAT ideas from their archives.

I took a lot of time gathering recipes,
then picking about 10 to cook over the next 2 weeks.
Then creating a shopping list.
Then the 6 of us went grocery shopping.

Tonight we had 
Fiesta Chicken & Rice
Mexican Roasted Green Beans
It was a keeper!!
(it is not as plain as it looks - promise)

I can't wait to try the other ones on the menu for
the next 2 weeks.

- Coconut Ginger Chicken w/Sesame Broccoli
- Black Bean Burgers w/ Cilantro Lime Corn
- Panko Crusted Pork Chops w/blue cheese & cranberry salad
-Korean skirt steak (not sure of the side)
- Quickie Asian Beef & Veggie StirFry
- Risotto with Sausage & Mushrooms w/ roasted cauliflower
-Spinach, Bacon & Bean Quesadillas 
- Mumbai Meatballs with Yogurt dip & salad

After we did our lessons this morning,
we went to a Valentine's Party with
fellow homeschoolers.
There were about 50 kids there.
And we did a Valentine's Exchange.
Each of the kids took Valentines to 
give out...(except Tony)
So, yes, that is 150 Valentines!
Saturday night we assembled 
and addressed
150 Valentines
as a family!
But we got it done.

I also volunteered to bake cookies
for the party.
I got the place and bake kind,
but 8 dozen cookies
8 dozen cookies.
none of them came home.

One of the great things was seeing 
how all of the families 
totally chipped in.
The set up and clean up ran
like a well oiled machine!!

It was nice seeing the boys step in
and help out too,
without me having to ask.
Just a gentle reminder
that we are doing something right.

We had such a good time at the party...
that it spilled over to one of the local parks.

Everyone had a good time there too.
Little T made a girl friend!
And because of the weather lately...
everyone was COVERED in mud.
Oh well.

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