Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some School Stuff

We have really started falling into a little bit of a rhythm
since we got our new supplies.

Everyone seems to enjoy having structure,
mommy too!

We have been using the "menu plan"
contrary to the previous post.
(The meal tonight was NOT a redo)

It definitely makes my day a little easier.

The kids have enjoyed their new books.
And are blowing through their books too!

L got a Kindle for her birthday so that keeps her busy (sort of)
while we are working on school work.

And T just wanders aimlessly,
playing with whatever happens to be out at the time.

Today we did our first Science lesson
our of the CHC Behold & See 1
and took it a couple steps further...

The lesson was to open a few re-hydrated
large lima beans and look for the little 
starter plants. 

They really enjoyed peeling the skins off, 
then breaking them apart and examining the insides.
Not all beans had a little plant in them, but most did.

Then we discussed the differences in the dried beans
and the re-hydrated ones.

The size, texture, ease of peeling
and opening.

And we learned that the bean is the food
for the baby plant...

so, we decided to grow some bean plants.

The boys brought some seeds home from co-op 
a few weeks ago and they 
attempted to plant them in 
sand toys with dirt from the backyard.
I just let them.
But decided that we should try to do some

We did 2 batches:
one of dried beans
one of re-hydrated beans.

We put them in clear containers
with a wet paper towel 
so that we can monitor their growth.

Here is Day 1:

 I am looking forward to watching them grow and watching the kids watch them grow!

This teaching thing is neat
watching MY kids ENJOY learning!!

After we finished our lesson, we had a few re-hydrated beans left over.
I caught J, later that afternoon, sitting on the floor peeling 
the leftover limas.

Then there were a few leftover dried ones,
he asked to put them in water...
go ahead J.
Then this morning, he peeled those and 
explained to his little sister
what he was looking for 
and then showed
her what 
the little plants looked like
and which part of the plant were the leaves
and which part was the stem.
Makes a momma proud!!


  1. Awe fun! Maybe they will grow up to be scientists like their aunts!

    Sounds like J may end up being a teacher??

    So cute!

    1. Yes, poor thing is destined for a life of teaching of some sort since he has 2 younger siblings. ;) But he is a GREAT big brother TOO!!

  2. Just found this blog through workboxes. Looks like you guys are having a great time! I am now a new follower!

    1. Thanks so much!! We are having a great time!!! Can't wait to discover more fun stuff!!