Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Latest & Greatest

This has been a busy week 
and I have lots to share - 
so bare with me!!

fresh from my sister's blog...
I am going to be an AUNT!!!!

I am so excited and most of the people who read
this know already.
But I am super excited and 
so happy I can finally share!

School is going well.  
We are starting to research next year's curriculum.
But otherwise, seem to be doing pretty well at this
homeschooling thing.  

The meal planning and shopping two weeks
at a time is going well.
I am still getting used to the sticker shock of
grocery shopping for 6 people
every two weeks.
But the good news is
I manage to feed each 
person in this house for
about $4/day.
Yes, this is breakfast,lunch & dinner
for everyone - including daddy!
Not bad.
It is really nice to stay 
on top of this meal planning thing.
Feels good!

We also had to implement a new
energy saving plan 
around this house.
The boys were getting
REALLY bad at
leaving lights on or
TVs on and leaving the room.
So they are now charged $0.10
everytime I find a light or TV left on.
We are putting it into a jar and will
figure out what to do with the funds 
once we break the cycle.
But so is adding up QUICK!

On another note - 
We have finally found a church!
We have been hunting and going back and forth
to different churches for the past few months.
Today, we finally decided on one.

I mixed up start times.  
We thought we were doing good, got to mass
and walked in.
Then started to realize that they were 
further along in the service than they should have been.
Come to find out - I was 30 min off with the start time!
So, with this in mind, we figured we needed to 
select one and stick with it.

We are joining the scout group 
at this church.
BOTH boys get to join.
Daddy will be J's den leader
I guess I will be den mom.  :)

I am relieved and happy!
We are already finding ways to get involved.
I know it is going to take some time,
but both of us are ready to get a little settled
and this is a HUGE step toward that direction.

Here is the past 10 days in pictures:

Here is a picture of a frog that A made at Co-op.
It was in honor of Leap Day.

Daddy went on an overnight fishing trip 

(this one didn't end with a bunch of stories about
the one that got away...)
So the kids and I grabbed dinner

and then they climbed in my bed
to watch a movie while I cleaned up a little.

We found some Skylander activities at 
J really enjoyed using these 
(once I got them printed and laminated)

A replenished her candy stash with some
Valentine candy we found in her bookbag from Co-op.

A is working HARD on her first big kid puzzle.

She did it with MINIMAL 
help from mommy!!

T LOVES being outside...
I thought this was a cute picture.

We did an art project. 

T really wanted to help...

and I am very proud of how well the kids
did and how they turned out!

We splurged one night and went out to dinner.
We introduced T to sushi, chopsticks and tofu...

A like the tofu too.

T literally drinking the tofu out of the bowl.

Daddy told J to be quiet...

We decided to tell them that we were celebrating a birthday.
We figured they would just bring out a little bowl of sherbet
or ice cream and sing a quick song...
oh no.  They brought out a HUGE desert
and charged us $7.00 for it!
But the kids enjoyed it.

T wasn't so sure about the fried plantain
but loved the tofu??

The next day, we cleaned up and reorganized a little
and let A decorate a mirror that one of her aunts
sent her for Christmas.

Then I caught her sharing chocolate chips with her brother.
At least she was sharing...
sneaky girl!!

And R cooked lunch for us Saturday!

Then J had to vacuum cause he made a mess.  

And apparently he liked it - 
cause I caught him doing it again today!

T was hungry and decided to help himself to the
first part of dinner that was put on the table.
A is "helping".

Got one cooking, one cleaning...
and one babysitting!
Time for another one!



  1. WOW - You WERE busy! Love the art and the picture of T looking out the window. YAY for Vacuuming kids! :)

    1. Thank you!! He had taken a break from walking his butterfly to stare longingly out the screen door into the backyard. HA!