Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recommendation, Warning & Let the Games Begin!!!


We have ALL seen the 
rotisserie chickens
that the local grocery stores 
have for sale every day.
And if you have ever tried them, 
you know that they are scrumptious!
BUT - unless you found somewhere 
that has them for $3.50 each...
its hard to pay $7/chicken.
(well for me anyways).

Back at my favorite grocery store chain in NC,
they would occasionally run these super specials
on chickens and you could get them for $0.59/lb.
So me being the frugal person I have always been,
I would buy as many as they would let me and
load my freezer.  I was known to have 12
chickens in my freezer at once.
(outside, garage freezer)
Then I had to come up with ways to cook all those
silly chickens!!

I decided to bite the bullet and buy a rotisserie.
We did NOT buy one new.
(remember the frugal statement above)
I wasn't convinced we would love it and use it,
so I wasn't forking out the dough for a new
kitchen toy.
So we found on on Craigslist for $40.
It had ALL the pieces and the lady
said she had only used it a handful of times.

That was the BEST $40 we have EVER spent.
I have learned how to truss the birds,
without those goofy strings they sell specifically 
for trussing.
(I just use cotton thread!)

And after some trial and error -
if you have never brined a bird...
oh good heavens,
you MUST!

There is NO other way to do a chicken!
You have to play with the seasonings in your brine.
But your loved ones,
will be asking for you to make
"one of your rotisserie chickens".
(oh and a little Lawry's seasoning on top is the kicker)

You gotta try it!!


Along with the frugalness,
referred to above,
I do my best,
and always have,
to know where our money is going.
When we sign a contract to buy a house,
I want to know where all of those 
costs are coming from on that 
"good faith estimate" 
they present you with.

When we buy a car,
why aren't these numbers adding up?

I ask questions...

Tax documentation,
double check it!

Most of the time,
they are correct
and legit,
but occasionally,
by you asking questions
and double checking,
you can find errors
that could cost you 
HUNDREDS of dollars.

The past two days, 
I have spent crunching numbers
only to discover an error
significantly to our disadvantage.
So now we have to get it fixed...
let the fun begin!

It doesn't take long,
just give it a shot.

Trust me,
you will thank me one day!

The Usual:

Nothing too exciting this week.
I actually got ALL four of the kids
at the table and occupied this week
it was beautiful!
(albeit fleeting - I'll take it)

A few years ago,
I discovered dried beans
as a sensory item!
My kids have LOVED them.  
Its easier than rice and sand inside.
But give them: 
different color beans
measuring spoons
measuring cups
aluminum pie pans
watch them go!

They will spend quite a while occupying themselves that way.
Just stay close, cause when the beans start flying...
or TOO many are hitting the ground...
they are DONE!  

Let the Games Begin!!!

Our new sports season is officially in full swing and
we had our first Saturday FULL of games today.


10am - A's soccer game
2pm - J's soccer game
4:15 - R's baseball game

This is about what our Saturday's look like
for the next 8 weeks.

And, of course, the field is too far from the house
to justify going home between games
(most of the time).
Which makes for a VERY long day
with an 18 mo old in tow!

Below are a few pics from our day...

Soccer Girl!!!

Home Sweet Home
(we had to get something but that thing had NO airflow and it was HOT!)

Camera man, videoing his brother's soccer game.

T's perch most of the day.
(poor thing)

Action shot, after a throw in.
J's is doing AMAZING this year in soccer!!

Luckily the camera snapped when it did - cause the ball went
right through his legs.
I would have HATED to get that on camera!

Team M!

Accountability Check In:
1) Getting up before the kids...
not every day.
2) Working out before the kids get up...
NOPE, not at all,
but I have been getting my workout in 
before they get up from their newly 
implemented rest time,
does that count?
3) Dave Ramsey/Budget - 
Done, let me just say, I have NEVER 
looked so forward to the first day of the month
in my LIFE!
Brand new squeaky clean budget to work with!!

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