Monday, March 19, 2012

I have a 6 year old!!! (again)

Our second born, J, was VERY close
to being a St. Patty's day baby.
But I couldn't take it anymore...
so he didn't make it.

We celebrated his 6th birthday this week!
I teased him all day the previous day,
telling him his cake wasn't finished,
his presents weren't wrapped,
he couldn't turn 6, 
I wasn't ready!

We laughed and joked but
dern it, 
he still turned 6
on Thursday!

He is our easy going,
very docile child.
He is very easy to please
very eager to please.

Daddy took the day off 
and we decided on a day full of fun!
We *were* going to 
hit a special breakfast at SeaWorld,
then spend the day there.
Then take him to
the Rainforest Cafe for dinner.
We discussed all of this with him at dinner
two nights before his birthday,
then he informed us,
nope, I don't think I want to do that.
Ok, then what do you want to do?
I want to go to Peter Piper Pizza
(kinda like Chuck E Cheese - see I do know how to spell it!)
Instead, we took him to a new place 
that had been recommended to us.
The problem was
its Spring Break down here!
So this place was PACKED!!!
But it was NEAT!
Its called Incredible Pizza
(or something like that) 
Indoor go-karts,

R got to drive his own car

Here is my passenger

Haha - you can't even see R in the lead car!!
(Ghost driver)

indoor bumper cars,
(which we did but didn't get pictures of)

indoor glow-in-the-dark putt putt,

Our daughter has her sports mixed up, but she has great form!


tons of video games
and kiddie rides for the babies,

Feeding peanuts to zoo animals.

Wishful thinking...

I let her climb up on the end of the skeeball machine - but it didn't help.

duck pin bowling!!

Again - she has a good form.

We had to convince the baby that he
was NOT allowed to WALK 
down the lane and knock down the pins!

This was J's favorite - they played twice.

Then a pizza/salad/taco/dessert/spaghetti buffet bar.
And it wasn't outrageously priced.
So that is where we went...
we spent 5 HOURS
My feet hurt when we were done!!

Then the birthday boy decided he wanted 
steak and mashed potatoes 
for dinner.
So we went home and did just that.
Like I said, 
easy to please.

I enjoy doing things for my kids
for whatever reason
(I think I got it from my mom)
I make the kids birthday cakes every year.
I started off easy...
but have gotten more and more daring
and more creative.
I am not scared to try new things,
but do stress out over each cake.
(ask my husband)
I do realize at the end of the day,
as long as they like it,
that is all that matters.
When I asked J a few weeks ago
what kind of cake he wanted,
he said - 
"I don't care,surprise me,
but no pink!"

Then he later asked for a strawberry cake,
so I bought the ingredients,
then when I informed him it would be pink,
he QUICKLY changed his mind!

My boys are obsessed with Skylanders.
So I jumped on-line 
(where I get my inspiration)
and saw that someone made a 
portal of power cake.
So...I figured...
here goes nothin!

I decided to get creative with the inside too.

My ultimate goal was to make the cake
look like the "thing" on the left!

Using homemade marshmallow fondant!

I was pleased with how it turned out...

I think I succeeded, cause look at that child's face!

In our house, the birthday kid, gets to make the first cut.
This is a tradition that they ALL look forward to!
J had a hard time with the fondant though,
he said it was too hard
and later it was referred to as "plastic"
by my father-in-law.  
He asked if you were supposed to eat it.
He didn't...

And the innards.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!

I have decided I am going to use you
to help keep me accountable on my goals.

So here goes!

This Week's Goals:
1) Get up before kids - check
2) Get workout in before kids get up - check
(only if the kids have to stay in bed longer cause of talking to early - details)
3) Start reading Dave Ramsey's book - check
(first 45 pages read so far - 200 more to go)

So far so good!

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  1. haha - she does have her sports mixed up! she's gonna take out some teeth! :)