Saturday, March 24, 2012


As usual -
we have had a very busy week in this house!

We kept up with school - 
but that kinda took a backseat to my newest project
(thanks to Dave Ramsey)...
This is almost more daunting than

I did complete Dave Ramsey's
Total Money Makeover
on Tuesday.
Well, didn't "complete", 
but got far enough into it
(over 3/4 through)
that we could get started.
I plugged this "budget" into 
Quicken only to find out 
we have already blown
most of our "budget" for March.
Luckily, there are only a few days left in March...
then we start fresh.  
We will see how long this lasts.

I have been getting better about getting up before the kids
(if I am up before the baby, does that count?)
I have worked out - not necessarily
before the kids are up 
but at least I have stayed with that.

(Let me take a minute to complain about how much
it STINKS that the pounds are literally 
MELTING off of my husband,
meanwhile in the last two weeks of working 
out, I have:
gone down 3,
back up 2,
back down 3
WITHOUT eating craziness!
Makes it hard to stay committed,
but I think the weight is just 

Now to our week in review:

Somehow I guess R knew that this past week
was a week of changes...
cause I came down Monday morning
(after getting my workout and shower in)
and found this...


Him, with his books spread out in front of him
(yes and the TV)
but at least he was doing it unprovoked!

We headed off to PE and they did a few activities,
then ended the class with a little friendly
Too funny!!!

First he tried to evenly split the teams.

Then he did girls vs boys... 

Then cause the girls needed a little help against all those boys...
he got a few moms involved...


We had some pretty wicked weather run through here
Monday night.

 R got pretty scared and decided to "hide" from it.


A and T were oblivious (of course)
and A is ALL about dancing lately.
She loves playing "her dance game" 
on Kinect.
So I thought she would enjoy watching 
Dancing with the Stars 
with me.
Oh was I right!
She got up and danced with them
then pulled her poor baby brother
out into the middle of the living room floor
"Come on T, let's dance"
He obliged,
I think he was a willing partner,
in the beginning...
But she is slightly bigger and older,
and his willingness faded quickly!

But it was 
We attempted to get 
some video,
didn't work out with my phone.
But hopefully they will try again on Monday.

Tuesday morning,
 I came down to BOTH
older boys doing their schoolwork 
in front of the TV. 
Whatever, at least they started...
(didn't finish there but effort means a lot in this house).

Then they made their own lunches!
(sniff, sniff, they don't need me anymore...)

daddy took the older two to meet their new 
scout group.
Aren't they handsome!!!
(all 3 of them, wink, wink)

Thursday, we had co-op...
I got a kick out of the fact that the kids get
the option to play with all sorts of sports equipment,
a huge open field
and my two oldest...
sit and dig holes!


We recently discovered Nutella in this house...
J LOVES it as much as his momma!
I thought we had emptied the container...
apparently not...
if you look closely,
you can see 4 hands 
COVERED in Nutella
and a Nutella jar that has been 
LICKED clean!
J has told me NUMEROUS times
that I need to buy some more,
and daily asks, when are we going to the 
store so you can buy more of that
tella stuff.

(the jar was cleaner than this when they were done with it!)

J got some cool 
K'Nex Robo Battlers for his birthday
and has REALLY enjoyed 
building them,
when he is done with is school work,
he will whip those things out.
Its not a roller coaster,
but he did these all by himself
and I enjoyed the 
pride I saw in him as he completed each one.


One of my sisters is REALLY crafty!
Well they both are, 
more so than me,
but one is always doing crafts with my kids.
So when we moved,
I suggested that she send them little kits in the mail
to make stuff with.
She sent them a bunch of white circles in January 
and asked them to make her some
snowmen and then send her a picture.
We did...

Then for St. Patrick's Day,
we opened an envelope and saw this...



(yes last week)

Then every day this week, she has asked.
Did they make their Mr. Clover's yet?
No not yet.
No not today...
No we have been busy...
So finally, Friday,
I told the boys that we HAD
to make the great craft we were
sent or NeeNee would get mad at me.
J thought that was funny,
for some reason.
My sister and I couldn't decide if it
was because he couldn't picture NeeNee mad
or couldn't picture someone mad at mommy.
(probably the first option).

So we made them...

They turned out SUPER cute!!!

A had to perform surgery on hers.
She informed me that one of its legs fell off and 
he couldn't dance
so she needed to get some "gwew".
So she disappeared into the pantry,
I heard rumblings, but was busy,
she came out with a tiny dab of "gwew"
on the "leg" 
then she proceeded to fix it herself.
(I traced her steps - and shockingly,
she had put the lid back on the gwew
AND put it back in its bin!)

Thank you NeeNee!

Then Saturday (today)
started off the busiest sports season yet.
We had:
2:15-3:15 -> Soccer practice for J
3:00-4:00 -> Baseball practice for R
3:30-4:40 -> Soccer practice for A

The only saving grace was the fact that they were all 
on the same general field.  

A did GREAT for her first practice,
she was a little shy though.


And the weather woes from earlier in the week were long gone...
My lily white skin is gonna have a problem down here in this 
(When I say lily white, I mean it...when we purchased my first foundation
when I was a teenager...the color name was "cloud")

All I keep thinking is that I am going to burst into flames
or dust with this sun!
(yes, we have been watching too many vampire shows - 
well just one - Being Human - not
the other vampire movie things)


Random picture of the week...
this is the second time I caught this,
T enjoys climbing up in J's lap
when he sits in their little recliner.
I am not sure if it is because T likes that chair
(which he does)
and thinks that J is taking his spot...
or if he just wants to sit with J
(in that chair)...
either way - it is still SUPER cute


and was worthy of a picture.

Thanks for hanging in there with this long post...
I gotta go find some aloe!

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