Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

along with most of the rest of the world,
celebrate St. Patrick's Day on Saturday,
with lots of green.

Growing up,
my mom would make us
green grits for breakfast on St. Patrick's Day.
And pink stuff on Valentine's Day.
I enjoyed it and have been passing that on to my kids.
Last year, they had bagels with green cream cheese!
This year...
I made pancakes for J's birthday
and had leftovers,
so no green pancakes
(I totally would have though!)
they got green milk,


and green sprinkles 
for their pancakes.

Then for lunch,
daddy was wonderful and made lunch,
I decided to add my touch and 
turn it green!

When J, saw it,
he made some silly comment about 
me feeding them green stuff again.
"Mooooooooom, why'd you turn our 
macaroni & cheese green too?"

The baby LOVED my green mac & cheese,
well daddy's mac & cheese that I turned green.

Then when dinner rolled around,
I asked if I should turn our mashed potatoes green too,
no one went for it.
So we just had normal ole boring white potatoes
with green broccoli and green cabbage
and smoked turkey sausage.

If they won't let me turn their potatoes green,
I will load up the rest of their plates with green stuff!
So there!
Next time,
let me turn the potatoes 

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