Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kooking with Kids!

My Jackson 
is a very hand on kid.
He loves doing things with his hands:
changing the oil with daddy
building things
washing the cars
He loves cooking!

Most people like others to cook for them
on their birthday,
Jackson asked if he could cook lunch on his birthday!
So I let him!

He made mac n cheese, green beans & pears for lunch...

Then he even helped with his birthday dinner!
He smashed the potatoes!

So I thought it would be fun
 to take him to a cooking class!
My mom had noticed a kids' cooking school
on groupon.
So Nana bought the kids each a groupon for
their birthdays!

It was a 40 minute drive from our side of town.
But we put it on our calendar for 2 Mondays.
I was able to add 
2 additional classes
so Lex could join too!

Jackson loved it,
and appeared to be
"chef's pet".

They even had these neat knives for the kids
that I am determined to find for Jackson,
so he can start helping chop things at home.

Here is how you keep a 2 yo entertained
while his siblings are enjoying cooking classes.

Here is Ms. Priss' first class,
this is obviously 

She got a cute kid's knife to use too!

And more ways to entertain a 2 yo!

Ms. Priss had a ball!!

Their classes were going on at the same time,
so I bounced back and forth between the classes.

The second time we went,
a few weeks later,
Rico was feeling quite under the weather,
so was daddy...
so daddy and Rico had a sick guys' night
while the rest of us went to another cooking class...

Cutting chives...

They had a great time!
And I am trying to figure out ways to let them help
around the kitchen more when I cook dinner,
but that is the closest thing I get to
"me time" 
around this house...
I really don't want to share that chore...  :)

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