Sunday, May 26, 2013

March Sister Visit

Shortly after we moved to Texas,
my baby sis decided to pursue her 
dream of becoming a nurse.
She had already gone to college 
and received a degree in Biology.
Then she started work as a pharmaceutical sales rep.
She did that successfully for a few years,
but it just wasn't fullfilling her.
She had this nagging desire
to be a nurse.
Even when my oldest was born
9 years ago,
she was talking about being a nurse.

So she bit the bullet and did it.
She applied to
was accepted into 
an accelerated program
about an hour and a half away 
from home.
she quit her very lucrative job,
sold her downtown townhouse,
sold her car 
packed up

And when they say accelerated
they mean
break neck speed!
14 months of non-stop,
no time to see family,
no time to sleep,
no time for nothin'

Once she finally finished classes,
she took the little bit of free time
she had 
and hopped a plane 
down to the big state of Texas
to see little ole' me
and my motley crew!

It was a quick trip 
but we shoved as much Auntie time
in as we could.
She arrived on a Monday around lunch
and daddy was taking her to the airport
Wednesday morning to catch a 6:30 flight back.

Here are a couple of pictures from her
whirlwind trip.

We picked her up right around lunch
and decided to head to my favorite
tourist destination...
the Riverwalk
for lunch.

Aunt Melanie decided to see
exactly how many little
people she could carry at once...

We walked up and down the Riverwalk
for somewhere fun to eat.
We finally settled on a place
saw these guys!
We love mariachis!

After lunch,
we took her to another of our 
favorite touristy places,
the Japanese Tea Gardens.

They are beautiful!!!
And the waterfall was actually flowing this time!

And they have gigantic koi fish!!

After that we hit up a couple of stores
and then headed home.

Ms. Priss has a double bed,
with a twin trundle under it.
So her room is the guest room,
and most of the time,
she gets booted out of her "big bed" 
and into either the trundle
or her "tiny bed"
(canopy toddler bed).
So Aunt Melanie slept in 
her room,
with her.

Then they got up and got ready together too...
and put on their make up.

She's ready!

What a Priss!

We had to find something fun to do,
so we hit one of the up and coming areas of
San Antonio.

It is definitely a neat place to go!
They are redesigning and repurposing the old

The stable is now a beautiful banquet hall,
used for weddings and such!

I wasn't sure what it was going to be like for the kids
but we all had a great time!

We had lunch at a HOT little lunch spot.
And Aunt Melanie treated everyone to a cupcake
from their amazing selection!

This one was banana split,
I think.

Then we wandered through the CIA Cafe
(Culinary Institute of Ameria)
There was one of those on the Pearl Campus as well.
We walked around a bit,
then discovered that the river was
about a block away!
So we walked over
and this is way more beautiful than the 
restaurant row
in downtown!

We even saw a few baby ducks!!
All of us loved these!  
The adults as much as the kids!

They almost got close enough to touch...

We ventured down a little further to this interesting thing
jutting into the sky!

It is a sculpture that someone had made
along the river...
it was so neat!!!

And apparently lights up at night.
I bet that is beautiful!
That is definitely being added to our great date night ideas!
The Pearl 
then walking along this part of the river.

After all of that exploring,
we wound up back at the 
CIA Cafe. 
We had purchased some items at our previous visit
(rumor had it they sold out of stuff FAST)
and asked them to hold it for us.
We went back and got our goodies
and sure enough -
80% of their items were GONE!

This baby was their main light fixture!
How creative?!?!

We finally ventured back to the house.
Daddy was due home and we had a bunch of tired babies,
and adults!

The following morning,
Aunt Melanie had to leave bright and early...
She was trying to be quiet,
but Ms. Priss woke up...
She was sad her buddy was leaving her so soon.

I loved this sweet moment...

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