Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Haircut...dun, dun, dun...

Hair is a touchy subject in this family.
I have really long hair
(most of the way down my back)
My husband is ex-military and 
keeps his short and neat!

He expects our boys' hair
to be the same as his
and likes long hair on girls.

boys - short and neat
girls - long

I was blessed with a curly red headed boy
as our second child.
I fought and fought to keep those curls...
I eventually lost the fight 
and we cut it.
His curls/waves come back when his hair is long...
REALLY long!
And we get compliments on his hair
literally every where we go!

I don't remember how old he was when we finally cut it,
it was cute, but it just didn't feel like "him".

Since then, 
I have always kept his hair on the longer/shaggier side.

Kid #3 was a girl.
I could keep this kid's hair as long as I wanted!
But no curls!
She has her daddy's total lack of curl
and her mom's fine hair.

So, she got her first official haircut at 2.
Just a trim to even things up.

Then along comes
baby #4...
another curly red headed boy!

He is now 2 years and 7 months old
and has yet to have a haircut.

Until a few months ago...
He was in the tub and there was this 
ONE straggler in the back.
It was just a lot longer than the others...
so I cut it.
Gave him his first haircut!

hubs said that didn't count...
Does that sweet curl being cut 
count as his first haircut??

This debate is not,
the main issue in this posting...

Do you see how long this hair is here?

That is my daughter...
after 1 hair cut in her life...2 years ago.
I realized it needed trimming.
It was getting a little lopsided
(or cattywhompas as I say)

So took the above pictured scissors,
and trimmed her hair in the tub one night.

The next day,
I realized I had not done the most even job in the world,
so after another bath,
I stood her on the counter in the bathroom
and had another go at it.


Then within a couple of days,
during naptime
(supposed naptime)
there was a whole lot of thumping and 
bumping going on...
but I didn't pay any attetion.
She was quiet,
the boys and I were doing school work...


She came down...
I was at the sink doing something
Jackson was at the table doing school work...
then my sweet Jackson exclaims

"Lex, did you cut your hair?"

I whipped my head around
and saw it...

I was heart broken!!!!
I had left the scissors out where she could reach them,
on the counter in MY bathroom.

And all that thumping and bumping 
was her...
in my bathroom...
cutting her hair...

I found a tremendous amount of hair all over my
bathroom floor,
in the trashcan...
I was carrying my heart in my feet as I cleaned it up...

I texted my stylist and didn't hear back...
so I was on the hunt for someone to fix it...

I was able to find a place,
NOT my first choice,
but I didn't have any choices!

The stylist looked at it,
and looked at it,
and looked at it...
trying to determine if she could salvage the length.

I had already determined that it could not be salvaged...
and eventually the stylist came to the same conclusion...
And off the rest came.

She asked me if I wanted to keep it,
I actually said no thanks.

Ms. Priss totally enjoyed getting her hair cut.
But the whole time I was reminding her
that she was NOT to cut her own hair!

Here is the after...

She likes it
and at the end of the day,
that is really all that matters!
(well mommy has to like it too)

Daddy had to get used to it - 
so did I.
He was not a fan at first,
mainly because she was 
totally different than when he had seen her 
the night before!

So now the debate continues about the 
baby's hair...

I agree it does need some taming,
but I am not sure how they are going to cut it
since the back & sides has grown 
much faster than the front & top!

But I have told his daddy that I would get his haircut,
before Father's Day...

I just didn't say how much...

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