Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Are We Really Doing This.....AGAIN????

For those of you that have been following since the beginning
(which I know aren't many)
this blog started as a way
to document our adventure,
for our family and friends,
when the hubs and I made the crazy decision to
pack our life  and 4 kids up
and move from our beloved Carolinas
the great state of Texas!!
Why? You ask...
well for a bunch of reasons,
but the main one
because we needed a change of pace.
We were kinda stuck in a rut
and decided to shake things up a bit.
Well...that we did!
We chose Texas,
because my husband's father's family
is from Texas,
south Texas...
REALLY south Texas...
as in
Mexican border town Laredo,
south Texas.
The hubs had listened to his dad say
how great Texas was...
all his life.
So we decided to see what all the hype was about.
Why not?
He accepted a job,
and within 2 weeks had hopped a flight to San Antonio
and left me and the kids back in NC to
"close up shop".
selling a house!
After 3 months of living a part,
we decided it might be quicker to rent the house
than to sell it
sure enough...
it was.
So the hubs left NC and flew to San Antonio in mid July 2011.
The kids and I followed in October.
He and his dad flew up,
the weekend of my birthday
loaded a 26' long Penske truck to the GILLS
then made the 1500 mile trek back to Texas
leaving about 1/3 of our belongings still in the house!
(thanks Allied for picking the rest of it up for us!)
A few days later my mom and I loaded the
kids up in the suburban
and made the trip
to Texas.
What took the hubs and his dad 27 hours do to
(all at once!)
Took my mom and I 4 days to do!
We got settled in
got to know Texas...
started homeschooling
kinda started over.
I have always told my husband
I would follow him anywhere..
so long as he stayed in NC.
Yeah - that didn't happen!
When we made the decision to go to Texas,
I made him agree that if I didn't like it...
he would bring me home.
(guess you can figure out where this is going)
After being in San Antonio for a year,
we learned that his job wasn't as secure as we thought
(this 5-7 year contract position had to be re-upped every year
and with all the government cut backs...it took them entirely too long for our liking
to get that signature on that proverbial dotted line to extend his contract)
and that is a LOT of stress EVERY year for the
ONLY income for a family of 6!
So he started looking for jobs:
specific jobs...
we knew we liked him being a father and a husband first
and didn't want him going corporate again
(been there done that, got a couple t-shirts!)
So first he looked in San Antonio
then he broadened his search to
Texas cities north and east of San Antonio...
Then after my trip
back to NC this past fall,
we spent a lot of time talking
and thinking...
then made the decision
to broaden our job search
and head back to the East Coast.
I decided that it really wasn't that I didn't like Texas...
it was that is was
far away from everything I had ever known!
So far away from the beach trips with my family each summer.
So far away from seeing family on one of the upteen birthdays each year.
So far away from NC State football games.
So far away from the NC mountains where we go and cut down our tree each year.
So far away from my grandmother's house where we go fishing and exploring.
So far away from my baby sister's graduation from nursing school.
So far away from experiencing my other sister's first pregnancy.
So far away from my first niece!
So far away from Christmas with my family and my husband's mom & sis!
You get the picture...
1500 miles is a LONG way...
and even though we didn't see them as much as we wanted to when we lived here...
we were close enough to each other that we could see each
other when we made time and lives permitted.
We were being picky though...
on jobs...
on locations...
on everything.
We weren't desperate,
so we were trying to be smart
and make a logical decision,
we weren't to jump at the first opportunity
if it wasn't ideal...
he was asked to fly up for an interview
to a city just southeast of Raleigh...
just over an hour from the house we still owned!
The funny part...
this interview trip was planned a few weeks in advance,
my baby sis,
the one who my last post was about,
the nursing school one...
she planned a booked a flight the same day
that the hubs would be flying back from his interview!
Her first visit to San Antonio.
We didn't tell her about the interview
and that the hubs wouldn't be there,
til she got there.
We were really keeping the job search
very quiet.
I am not sure anyone knew about the interview
except for those he stayed with the first night.

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