Thursday, June 27, 2013

Random Pictures from the Move

I didn't realize I had so many pictures
on the "good" camera
as I did!
So sit back,
and enjoy the pictures.
Nana playing with Lex.
Nana was in there!

Hanging out on the front porch,

They were chilling watching
the show...

And apparently
its pretty exhausting work,
watching him climb that tree!

This is how Mr. T broke his foot.
Apparently he had gotten up on the table,
he was trying to get down
and managed to turn the bench over...

They are all huddled in the "safe area"
in the house.

Side view of the progress...

Opposite view

The movers set up a slide down the stairs,
to slide boxes down,
I was too busy running up and down the stairs
pretty much non-stop,
so they had to remove the slide
and do it the hard way.

This is what it looks like as they are tetris-ing the boxes
into the truck!
I was impressed!!
This is looking in from the side door.

This is from the very end...
the kids were allowed to walk into the
and look around a bit.

(can you find them in the chaos?)

Then our driver,
actually let the boys jump in the driver's seat!

Still haven't made it to the side doors...

And we learned the hard way,
that the truck is FILTHY!
Mercy -
look at those feet!!

A few hours later,
they finally filled it up past the side doors,
and were loading the last few pieces.
We had a friendly debate going on
with the movers/loaders,
debating whether or not they
were going to be able to fit everything in there.

If you look REALLY closely,
on the far left,
you can see the back of the little
U-Haul trailer we towed back.
Well, the hubs did.
If it hadn't been for the little trailer,
it would not have fit!
But in the end,
we didn't have to leave anything this time,
that alone
was worth going with a moving company!
Papa Grande's was the final stop before we
officially hit the road.
So we snapped a couple of pictures before we
hopped in the car.

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