Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Move Back - Part 1

Within a week,
we received the offer...
we actually received the offer on Good Friday
a holiday!
A day off!
What a blessing.
We were saying that Good Friday had been GREAT for us!
It was a wonderful opportunity for growth
for my husband
took me back to not only the East Coast,
not only back to my beloved Carolinas,
but back to NORTH Carolina!
My home state!
One hour from where we were from.
It wasn't "home"
but that was ok,
we had been there,
done that,
and were still up for an adventure, of sorts.
This past weekend,
my sister shared with me
a journal posting that she had written after her visit...
dated March 28th..
the day before we got the offer.

She sent this to me with the caption...
"Answered Prayer".
And my mom had been praying,
since the day we left,
that we would move back
move back close enough to be a day trip...
Be careful what you ask Him for...
his new employer was flexible with his start time
 helped us move back!
Things QUICKLY fell into place.
We spread the news to the families!
Booked a moving company
and started packing!
We paused homeschooling for a couple of weeks
the chaos began!
Everything was going into boxes
and I was fitting as much in each box as I could...
which means
leaving boxes open so I could put stuff in them
that would fit in that ONE empty spot!

But doing this...
leaving them lying around open...
was an invitation for my 2 1/2 yo to run around
behind me
the boxes!!!!

I started by packing the kids each their own
bookbag for the trip.

This allowed me keep a few toys out
and pack the rest away!

One of the first things I packed was
our games and crafts,
to clear out a spot in the pantry.

That is where I put all things that
would need to go in the car with us
and not on the moving truck.
This included previously mentioned book bags...
the littles found these bookbags
and would disappear into the pantry!

But luckily they kept the stuff in there!

The kids were busy entertaining themselves

empty egg carton tower:

Helping to pack:
Ms. Priss packed a couple of boxes all by herself!

Finding and playing with long lost toys
that have been out in the open for
but all of a sudden they are getting packed away
and they are the coolest thing on the block!
(even though they haven't touched them in months!)
Doing laundry:
Using tools!

And finding new things to climb on!



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