Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Move Back - Part 2

In an effort to keep our 
ONLY income
coming in,
the hubs kept working up until literally the DAY we left!
Which means what?
Which means that the majority of the packing was either
done by me
or after he got home from working 8+ hours a day!
But we did it...
This is what our kitchen looked like
the night before the movers arrived...

I am pretty sure we stayed up until 2am
and yes,
the hubs went off to work a few hours later...
The best thing in the world
was seeing the moving truck pull to a stop in front of our house.
We didn't have to do it this time!

My mom flew down to help...
she arrived the weekend before we left.

She commented at one point,
that she really didn't feel like she was being a whole lot of help...
mainly because she was taking the kids to the park,
and being a grandma!

I told her SO many times,
that spending time with them
was the BIGGEST help she could be.
Cause they had really been fending for themselves
except for food & baths & bed
for the last few weeks!
She arrived on a Saturday,
movers arrived on Tuesday,
we cleaned as they were loading...

Ms. Priss even helped!
Then on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm CST,
literally an hour after the hubs left work,
we bid adios to papa & mama grande,
and pointed both cars EAST.
Daddy driving his car towing a small uHaul trailer
with some personal effects.
Me and mom and the 4 kids piled in the suburban...
I love that car!
It has made this 1500 mile trip (one way!)
a total of 5 times in the last 4 years!
This was #6!
Good gracious!

We did have a little bit of drama
on Tuesday,
the day the movers were there.
We had 4 kids in the house
while movers were QUICKLY scurring about
hauling HEAVY items down the stairs.
In an effort not to have
kids get squished,
we attempted
to quarantine the kids
into certain areas of the home.

We set the kids up at the kitchen table
with my laptop and movies.

Then slowly moved them around the house
to different rooms as necessary.

While in the kitchen,
Mr. T was laying on the table.
As he was trying to get down,
he managed to topple the solid wood bench over,
with his little baby 2 1/2 yo foot underneath!
I was upstairs
heard the scream
honestly don't remember HOW I got down the stairs!

We figured it was broken
but after consulting a couple of our favorite nurses
the doctor via phone
and urgent care via phone...
we determined that there really wasn't a whole lot they
would do for him but possibly put him in a boot.
We knew we were going to be on the road for 3 days
and that he would be off of it,
so that was that.

Here is it is Thursday morning.
The foot on the left is the broken one,
with all its swollenness and pretty colors!
the foot on the right has a birthmark on it...not broken,
yet still different colors.

We made it about half way through Louisiana the first night,
then through the rest of Louisiana,
all of Mississippi,
all of Alabama
and to just the other side of Atlanta
the next day,
before stopping for the night.
Then up and at 'em the next day on
to a quick stop at our new home in Goldsboro...

And finally arriving in Cary at my parents'
house Friday evening,
where my dad had
cold beer (for the hubs)
cold wine (for me)
and hot coffee (for my mom)
waiting for us!

Then my dad did something I have never seen him do before,
he asked my hubs
(whom I have been married to for almost 13 years)
if he needed another beer (not that part)
then my dad asked the hubs to join him outside...
he then put his hand on my husband's shoulder,
and they had a man to man chat.
It was a pretty amazing site for me.

I am not 100% sure what was said,
but I am sure it has something to do with my dad
thanking my husband,
in his own way,
for bringing us back.
After a good night's sleep, we were up with the birds and
headed back to the new house to meet the movers. 
We left the suburban and the kids with my folks
and they were going to follow later in the day.
We didn't need kids running around
getting under foot of these movers, too,
when we had another option!

That afternoon
my little sister
my even littler niece
blessed us with their presence!

She was passed out when she got there,
and being a mom of 4,
I let her sleep...
but as SOON as she started to stir,
I zipped her out of that carseat so fast!!!

I'm sorry,
I can't unpack right now...
my hands are full! 
Tee hee!

We had a sleepover our first night in our new home
including a celebratory beverage!
What a wonderful welcome home!
So now you ask...
* Do we regret moving to Texas?
Absolutely NOT!  What an adventure that was!
*Would we do it again?
Yes, I would do it all over again (going back in time,
I am not doing it again in the future though - haha!)
*Why would we do it again?
Because we truly learned so much!
We reprioritized our lives, we were reminded what was important.
I started homeschooling out there - which the kids and I LOVE!
We became a closer knit family unit!
We got to explore and learn about an area
on a completely different level than had we just visited!
We got to live near my father-in-law for a bit.
*Will we ever move away from NC again?
I don't know...I am not opposed to it,
so long as we know its short term
and that we will be back!  ;)

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