Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Pirate at 3!

We struggled with what to do
for Mr. T's birthday this year.
I knew I wanted to make sure
as many family members could attend
(after all, we were back in NC, right?)
and I wanted it to be something
HE would enjoy!
Not a cookout at the house,
that he would be oblivious too...

So we settled on my favorite park in all of Raleigh...
Pullen Park.

I have posted about that park before.
It was going through a MAJOR remodel
when we left NC,
and finally reopened after we
had already departed.

I had taken the kids to the 
new and improved
while we were visiting a year ago...
but was super excited to have Mr. T's 
party there!

the pictures!!

The pirate and princess
making their way
into the park...

They received a LOT of compliments
on their outfits!!

Yep, that's my oldest at the tip top
of this climbing apparatus!

Jackson staying a little closer to the 
but a GREAT shot of him!! 

I love love love
the expression on this child's face!!! 

Pirate Tony
has successfully 
tamed the dreaded snake 


My boys!!
On the dreaded snake climber!

Joe Cool!
Jackson Cool!!

picture I have with all 
4 of my kids in it...

The pirate 
waiting patiently for his...

Freaking ADORABLE!!!

he's tired of pictures.

the ship he commandeered from...
the last kid on the ride.

chillin at 
the top of the world

Mommy and NeeNee 
Mt. Pullen Park.

Awesome pic of my sis, NeeNee,
and her little priss.

Little Miss 
heading down the slide into her daddy's arms!

The pirate
finally got to ride on the train!
This has always been our favorite part
Pullen Park!
(yes I see my oldest, yes this is the best, most in focus
picture of the 5 that were taken)

The pirate doing his 
"choo choo"

Little Miss' daddy giving her bunny ears!
Seriously daddy!
How old are you?
And to your own kid??  
(Love my family!) 

A couple of the special birthday party guests
on the carousel.

Cake time!!!

 To go with the pirate theme,
of course!
(yep, made by yours truly)

Presenting the birthday boy
with his cake!

As the norm in our family...
the birthday child gets to cut the cake.
(no fingers were removed in the cutting of this cake)

Everyone was pointing at which piece 
they wanted...

I asked who wanted a piece of the map...

 Yeah, we're bad...
we know it!

 Awesome pic of one of my sisses
and my bestie!!

How a 3yo pirate 
throws and catches 
a football...

Awesome pic of my mom and my niece.

Wild thing...
on the run!

Nana caught her!

get icing on your shoes??
(no idea!!)

 I'll take that camera please...

My babies...
affectionately called
"The Littles" 
in our house.

One final train ride around the park
before we headed out...

Happy 3rd Birthday 
Sweet Baby Boy!!

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  1. love the cake! awesome pictures :) sad I missed it. love y'all