Thursday, November 21, 2013

August Revisited!

I keep forgetting to download pictures off
of my phone...
and if you are anything like me...
that is where most of my 
day to day
pictures live!

So I downloaded today...
and came across some
worth sharing.

You know you live in a little town,
when you see someone making
pork rinds
at the local farmer's market!!!

Little brother holding
his big sister.
My sweet babies!

These next few require a little background.
We have a decent pool in our neighborhood,
with a baby pool.
For whatever reason,
Mr. T was NOT interested 
in the big pool,
with or without a life jacket.
He was VERY content to stay 
in the baby pool.

In August,
we hit the indoor pool at the YMCA.
So even though we had nice
neoprene life jackets for him,
the good old trusty orange
life neck thing...
was like superman's cape!
This kid
ASKED to wear one...
then did this!!!

And this!

Then finished up with 

Mommy was so shocked! 
And SO proud!!!

what the Martinez Family
LIVES for!

NC State Wolfpack Football Season!!!
We have phenomenal seats
for having young kids...
our guys are able to 
hang out 
down by the field
and get up close and personal...
the football players
the mascot
the cheerleaders
the dance team.

And Rico's goal...
every game!
Is to get on the big jumbotron!!

Its typically just
mom and dad
the big boys...
we typically 
leave the littles 
with my mom and dad.
we always take them to 
at least one game a year...

We took them to the first game of the season!

And they jumped right on in like they are 
born with the love of the Wolfpack in their bones!

Mr. T cheered so hard...
he passed out!

Post game photo op!
this is where my boys sit...
every game!
(except on their knees
facing the other way, of course!)

And the annual family
football photo!

(thankfully this football
season is almost over now though)

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