Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Labor Day Fun, Texas Style

Labor Day,
as in over 2 months ago...
I am THAT behind!

So why not just pick up where I left off!

Since we had a 3 day weekend ahead of us,
I wanted to do something interesting...
something to get us out of the house...
something to explore part of Texas we hadn't seen yet...

I found the 
"Celebrate Bandera Festival".

It included a Longhorn Cattle Drive...

I got so excited!!!
It didn't take too much convincing before
the hubs agreed.

So Saturday morning we headed into part of the
Hill Country... Bandera
the self proclaimed
"Cowboy Capital of the World"

On our way,
we saw this neat cross on the top of a hill.

The Longhorns led the parade,
it was a little
daunting being this close to these horns!!

But I didn't look too worried...

Did I??

The rest of the parade followed...
Here are some of the more interesting parts of the parade...

Some neat
Some of which, 
there is no explanation...


(um, huh?)

(kinda disturbing!)

Then we went over to see a 
"Wild West Showdown" 
There was a man from the show
 "cracking a whip",
about 5 grown men got up 
pulled their britches up
attempted it...

Then my sweet 6 year old decides he wants to 
give it a try...

He didn't succeed either,
but the man sure got him running!


We drove around a bit after the
festivities and looked around the
outlying area.
We saw a couple of creeks that
totally looked wading worthy.
We also found a small
waterpark inside of a
The Flying L Ranch

 Monday, we decided we would
go back
and hit the creek
and the little waterpark!
(no pics of that though -
we were too busy chasing children
and keeping the littlest one from doing
all the craziness his older siblings did
and drowning!)

Here are a couple of pictures
of the creek wading...

(It was really FAR down)

Ms. Priss finally made it down
the cliff of roots to her daddy's arms!

R found a rope to swing from,
but it made mommy rather nervous since 
the water level was rather shallow!

Mr. T and I kept dry for a bit,
then finally ventured in ourselves...

This is what we got the pleasure of wading in! 
How beautiful!!!

Mr. T totally enjoyed grabbing rocks off the bottom
and throwing them...

So did his big brothers!

One last swing before we head out...

As you might have noticed,
Mr. T had on a "real" diaper.
We peeled it off when it 
weighed more than he did...

So I leave you with this...

I am sure in 20 years (or less)
he will NOT be pleased with me
for plastering this on-line!

I couldn't resist!

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  1. love those little baby buns! That creek looks awesome. Miss you! (: