Monday, November 19, 2012

NC Trip - Week 1

Our visit in NC started off 
really slow
compared to the rest of our time there! 

We went to the NC State campus to visit.
That is where the hubs and I went and MET!
We didn't pick the best day,
we got a little wet,
it POURED down rain...
we are NOT used to that in S. Texas!!
After getting drenched and not really seeing a whole lot,
we decided to grab a bite to eat. 
We had been missing NC BBQ,
so we went to "The Pit"
It was good...
Then unfortunately we had to take daddy to the airport.
He was in town for less than 24 hours.

Side note:
We have lived in the same town as my parents,
So we have never had a reason to 
sleep under their roof,
Weird is sleeping in your old room
with your husband...
for the first time
(especially knowing "your house" is 15 min away
and you can't sleep in it because someone else is currently living there!)
End side note.

After dropping daddy off,
 we went back to get acclimated to our
home away from home...
Nana & Papa's house.

After we got their bonus room modified to a more
kid friendly space,
and attempted to find room for all of the mess we brought with us.
We dove into schooling.

We spent most of our first few days in that playroom 
trying to get a bit of school work done,
since most everyone else was working.

Our first Saturday was still beautiful and warm out,
so the Godparents of the two littles
(who also happen to be my preggy sister's in-laws)
took us to the lake on their boat.

I had brought our life jackets for the littles with us to NC
because I knew
we would be going to my grandmother's
and going fishing...
so those came in HANDY!

I had a ton of pictures,
super cute pictures,
but unfortunately my phone died,
and the yahoos at Verizon
proceeded to erase my SD card
while they were attempting to fix my phone!

So here are a couple that were posted on FB 
and then downloaded from FB
for me to use...
of the lake:

sweet baby face on mommy's lap as we sped through
the water

Crazy big boy hot dogging while we sped through the water!

lathering everyone up with sunscreen!

lunch on the boat

Then there is this one...

Are you kidding me??
As her godfather said
"here is the princess on her float".
Tough life, ain't it?
She didn't move off of this thing
and started to fall asleep.
She was the only one 
who willingly went in the water.
I got pushed 
(thank you Nana!)
R got threatened to be pushed
(thank you mama!
if I had to go in, so did he
one of the many curses of being the oldest child!)
J and Mr. T,
well, we just let them
chill on the boat...

We had a BALL!!!
The ONLY reason we left
was for the only reason
that would have gotten us off the boat 
at that time...

An NC State home football game!!!

Our first Saturday in NC happened to be the 
"Military Appreciation" Game at 
our beloved NC State.

That is, by far, my favorite game of the year.
And we went to every home game!
My husband spent a few years in the military.
So since marrying him,
I have a whole new level of 
 for our armed forces
what those men & women do for us!

NC State always does such wonderful things
for the military appreciation game.
And they even recognize and honor some of our
wounded warriors
on the field during the game.

We had a fantastic time!
But it was bittersweet.
It was just me and the big boys.
And we were lucky enough to sit in 
some of 
"our seats".
(We have lifetime rights to a couple of seats)

But walking into the game,
this game,
the military appreciation game...
without my husband
best friend
football partner
was TOUGH!
I got a lump in my throat
and tears in my eyes
as we walked through the stadium to our seats.

Silly, I know,
but it doesn't take much to get me emotional!

my phone was dying
so I didn't get as many pictures as I usually do,
nor as I would have liked.

we made friends with the couple behind us
and she graciously took a picture
with her phone 
and sent it to me!

This is the lone picture from the night...

Needless to say,
we had a BUSY day
but an
AWESOME first Saturday
back in NC.

Definitely made it easy to be back!

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