Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Let the Christmas Season Begin...(almost)

Hey - 
atleast I am up to December...

Thanksgiving weekend included multiple trips 
to Raleigh for us.

First, Thanksgiving Day,
Then, Saturday for the last
NC State Football game of the season
(which was a pitiful season so we
weren't really sorry to see it end)

The kids got a hold of some face paint...
and I didn't stop them...
but I didn't help them either.

Alexis chose green,
not sure why.
She looks a little 
Hulk-ish to me here.
Thankfully we weren't playing 
a green team!

Jackson looks a little scary

 And Rico,
I got nuthin.

This was taken after the game on the way home.

Since it was the last game,
and daddy's birthday weekend
and we couldn't get rid of our extra tickets...
we took the littles with us.

On the way home,
we decided to go ahead
start the Christmas season!
We headed to a local tree farm to get our tree!

We seriously,
debated trekking to the NC mountains
to get our tree.
But, when we started 
looking at the limited time we had
we decided that 
it wasn't worth the extra money
to make the 5 hour drive
stay in a hotel
and 5 hour drive home
for a tree.

So we stayed local.

We headed out to

We went straight from the game
on the drive out there,
it was getting dark...

We were almost there
and decided we would give it a shot.

They outfitted us with a couple of 
head flashlights for the boys...

Then Mr. T decided he wasn't in the mood
to go Christmas tree hunting 
in the dark...
so he BEGGED to 
get back in the car

In order to keep the event a happy one...
we gave into the cranky monster
(and the fact that it was TOO dark
to properly hunt a tree!)

We headed home...
The start to our Christmas season
would have to wait 

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