Thursday, March 6, 2014

Advent Adventures - The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

If you have been around a while,
you know that my family
cuts down our own tree...

We have been doing it
since our oldest (now 9)...
so for 10 years!

We even did it while living in Texas!!
  Seen here: 2011
And here:  2012

As you saw in the last post,
we decided NOT
to hike up to the 
NC Mountains 
for our tree this year
and opted for a local farm.

You also saw,
that we attempted to get our tree
by head-flashlights...
and it did NOT

After the late night
tree hunting was a bust!
We headed back out,
bright and early the next morning...

The Hunters...

this is the one mommy wanted.
But daddy 
claimed it was too tall.

Ok, daddy,
what about this one?

Nope, he says...
still too tall!

I lack the "eye" 
that tells me exactly 
how big trees are. 
They look great in the field,
but the hubs always says they are too big.

So since I have to go short...
I like short and 

 Ms Priss stopping to pose for the camera.

 Wild thing
stopping to pose for the camera!

Then the ground,
or a blade of grass,
or his feet,
or all of the above...
stopped him.

We finally found our tree!

Then he decided to perch the littles IN the tree!

We did actually break a limb,
good thing we were taking this one home with us.

Then the cutting began!
This is a group deal.
We all take turns,
but daddy usually does 
95% of the work.
We all just really pose for pictures.

We got it home,

And into the house...

Then the transportation wrapping came off!

And the decoration wrapping went on!!

That is a FAT tree!!

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