Monday, March 31, 2014

Advent Adventures - Tree Drama

Back to our Advent Adventures of 2013...
We left off with our beautifully FAT
Christmas tree making its

I was in the shower the following morning,
and one of my children came up
to inform me that the tree had fallen.
mega sigh...

I was in the shower...
I knew the tree wasn't going anywhere else,
the damage had been done...
so I took my time getting ready 
and getting myself downstairs
to assess the damage.

Do no adjust your computer,
no, I did not forget to flip this picture.
is what I came downstairs to.

With the help of my older boys,
we set it up right.
Then I carefully picked up the broken ornaments,
and vacuumed EXTREMELY well!
A couple of times.

Soaked up what I could of the gallons of water
that were in the tree stand.

Then decided I deserved

Much to our surprise,
when we got home from scouts that evening...
the tree was again,
on its side.

We figure we had overloaded one side of the tree
with ornaments.

So we picked it up,
cleaned up broken ornaments again,
put a call out to friends to borrow a carpet cleaner
to suck up the second dumping of gallons of water
in the SAME spot on the carpet.
(after I had soaked up what I could with 
NUMEROUS towels)

And I am pretty sure I sat down with a big glass
after that one.

those were the only two episodes we had of,
falling Christmas trees.

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