Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Day - A Brief Pictorial

The festivities started off with a little 
spectator exercising
for Uncle Jack.

Here with the oldest 3 neice and nephews

Then the youngest 2 jumped in, including
his daughter in his arms!

Then we ate...

And took a few quick posed pictures:

from left to right:
middle sister - Courtney
baby sister - Melanie
adopted sister - Teena
(aka my bestie for almost 30 years!! - WHOA!)
our mom

Nana & Papa and all the grandbabies!
(This was the best of 13 takes!)

My daughter attempting to mimic my sister.

And the FIRST
photo of 
my folks,
my sisters
in AGES!
Probably since the middle sis 
got married
over 5 years ago!

Then my middle sis, her hubs (Uncle Jack)
and their daughter took off
for his folk's house down the street.

So we settled in for some quiet time.

Then the crew that left,
returned with their entourage,
which included the godparents
of my two littles
(who also happen to be the middle sisters in-laws!).

Making real whipped cream (by hand) for desserts!
Lucy is taste testing for them.

Uncle Jack had previously worked out his legs
so he decided to work on his arms
(well one arm anyways)

The hubs blowing out his 
yet really dry,
Butter Pecan Birthday Cake.

Then we played our second edition of our
Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl!

quick huddle of "the other team"

victory dance?
(but we were on opposite teams)

Jackson hawking down his prey...

That was such a long day...
but so worth every minute!!

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