Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Tree Hunting - Texas Style

Yes - I know Christmas was a month ago...
And for the record, the events in this post 
 2 months ago!
But I am quickly getting caught up...

For those that don't know - 
my crew has a 
tradition of cutting down our own Christmas Tree.
We ventured to a tree farm west of Austin last year.
It got the job done,
we came home with a tree,
but I was less than impressed with their selection.

So this year,
we ventured a bit south of San Antonio
to Devine, Texas 
to hunt and cut our tree.

Let the hunt begin!

Ms. Priss was checking for chipmunks.
They had seen Alvin & The Chipmunks
a couple of times recently...
and that is how the chipmunks met Dave...
in his Christmas tree.

 Ms. Priss liked this one, 
but it was a little small for mom.

Mommy wanted a FAT one!
I couldn't get a tall one 
(cause it wouldn't fit)
but I could get a FAT one,
so we were on the hunt for the 
fattest one on the farm!

Wt think we found it!
The pre-cut picture.

And our littlest angel on top!

Then the cutting began,
how many members of our family
does it take to cut down a
Christmas tree?





(mommy needed help)

Daddy had to finish it up for us.

Then we make the boys 
do the heavy lifting...

Yep, broken arm and all.

(This is actually the smaller half cast,

so he had a lot more mobility and it was a LOT
lighter and thinner)

This is the tree farms attempt at 
getting everyone in the spirit.
This is the closest they get
to real snowmen down here!

A lot different from how we spent Halloween!

We strapped it to the roof
and headed home!

I *begged* and plotted with daddy,
trying to convince him to get a 
REAL NC tree while we were 
in the NC mountains.
But he thought the drive was too long
and that it wouldn't make it.
I told him that they ship NC trees all over the country.
But I still lost that battle,
so we were left with a Texas tree.

But it worked!

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