Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NC Trip: Randoms

Here are a few 
random pictures
of our trip...
they didn't seem to fit 
in any of the previous 6 weeks...

Ms. Priss showing off
her new NC State Hello Kitty shirt.
How stinking cute???
Mommy loves it almost as
much as she does!

Bike rides!
I asked my folks to help come up with
something for them to do outside.
So my mom & dad
found bikes for all of the kids
(thank you Craigslist!)
This one was borrow from a neighbor.
And we brought their helmets.

They found 2 great ones for the boys too.
They really enjoyed riding them,
but there is a pretty interesting hill on the other side of 
my folk's cul-de-sac.
In the beginning I asked the boys just to stay in the 
very small cul-de-sac...
but one afternoon
I allowed them to go down the hill.
I went in to eat lunch 
and was interrupted by my lunch
from my oldest 
coming to tell me that J had wrecked and was hurt.

I went out to see what was going on
J was ok, thank goodness for helmets!
Apparently he had a pretty major run in
with a mailbox...
so badly that he 
BENT the front fork of the bike!!!

So my dad did a hunt and found another bike
and picked it up on Sunday.
J broke his arm days later,
so it didn't get a whole lot more use...

Mommy had to push Ms. Priss,
and apparently I wasn't
being responsive enough,
so she recruited her little brother...


And of course I got a video of it too!

Ms. Priss and Nana did a LOT of cooking together!
 Not sure what they are making here,
but whatever it is...
it looks pretty interesting!

Here they are making eggs,
Ms. Priss made this almost
every morning for her breakfast.

I got another year older while we were on 
the East Coast and away from Daddy
so he sent me these beauties!
What a sweet daddy!

I guess Mr. T got tired of all the pictures,
cause he went through a phase of
covering his face and saying 
when I whipped out my phone
and assumed the 
"say cheese" pose.

I stumbled upon this lovely picture
from 1988 of
my sisters 

A drive by smooching from mom!

While we were in NC,
one of R's friends and classmates
invited us to his birthday party.
R was so excited to see his buds from school
and even more excited to get to participate in a 
"go cart" birthday party!

Looks the part,
doesn't he?

A bunch of sweaty
testosterone filled boys
after their first go round on the race track!

As previously mentioned,
we had a bought of walking pneumonia go through
the boys...
so when our sweet new baby cousin
came over,
the only way they were allowed to be in the room
was with these lawn mower masks
that papa brought in from the garage.
They were NOT happy with us.
But it was the only way
they could stay in the room with 
the 3 week old little bit.

After we got daddy,
everyone was SO excited to see him
after so many weeks away
R was semi-attached
daddy was doing the good daddy thing
and attempting to apply 
lip gloss to the princess.
That is talent right there!

We hit our dentist while we were there,
all 6 of us...
With 6 people,
you have to work in cycles...
so R baby sat
while I got mine done.
(Not really but it might have actually worked!)

The littles weren't going anywhere!

And we hit Trader Joe's,
we don't have one close to us here in Texas.
We went during their fall festival
and the littles got pumpkins on their faces,

Look how good he is being! 
Mercy what a good kid!
Tee hee

Then a little shopping.
Who needs one big cart when you can have
two little carts to fill
and attempt to prevent from running into heels?

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