Sunday, January 13, 2013

NC Trip: Week 6

Week 6

Our final week in NC we spent time
hitting the final must see places of our visit.

while we were either in VA
or on our way back,
we picked up a WICKED
stomach bug!

Daddy also had a test to prepare for
on that Friday,
so we did what we could...

We visited our favorite fall
festival at
Hillridge Farms
this place!
I had a lot of great pictures,
but somehow I have not been
able to locate that camera
since we got back.

One of the hits of this place
is their slide...
it is a giant plastic corregated pipe
that they have put into the side of a hill.
You hike up and then
slide down on burlap sacks.

Here are a couple of pictures

And a couple of videos...

This one is the BEST!
Mr. T's first ride on this thing...

After spending a day at Hillridge Farms
we hit Pullen Park.
Pullen Park is a park I remember
fondly from my childhood.
It was in the process of a TOTAL
overhaul when we left.
We never got to see it updated.
So I was super excited
to get out there and see it.
It is also located mere minutes
from where the hubs and I went to college,
so even more special...

Absolultely perfect picture!!

Poor J, 
mommy wouldn't let him go any higher...

Bless his heart...

Two of the big attractions at this park are the 
train and the carousel.

Mr. T was enarmoured with the train...
he just stood and watched!

Of course we had to ride...

Mr. T loved it!!

These boats are OLD OLD OLD
and still stinking CUTE!

Almost as cute as the drivers.

Then we hit the carousel...
I am guessing J felt bad,
or was tired,
or something.
Cause look at that forced "smile".

Daddy was pulling double duty...

This kid is just too cool for words...

Then one last stop at the swings before
we headed out...

The last few days we spent nursing
all the men in the house through the stomach bug.
it barely affected the women...
But it was pretty wicked for the guys.

Daddy took his test on Friday,
recouped on Saturday
and Sunday.

Then Monday we hit the ortho for
one last visit,
literally on our way out of town.

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