Friday, January 11, 2013

NC Trip: VA Side-Trip

So after being on the East Coast for
we finally made it up to Virginia to see
the hub's mom, sister & niece.

We had a great time
and shoved as much excitement
and family time into 2+ days as we possibly could!

We started out Saturday with a
"must have" trip to
Chuck E Cheese.
The ONLY time my kids go to
Chuck E Cheese is when
Grammy is around.
So, it is a MUST just about
every time we see Grammy.

Grammy's friend is a
That is a Jessica-ism...
He really enjoys taking pictures
and does a great job!
So he came along on our excursion
with his camera
and got some GREAT pictures!
I cannot and willnot lay claim to
the following pictures from
Chuck E Cheese...
So enjoy their beauty
before we go back to my cruddy

This boy is definitely his momma's child...
Look at that utter concentration.
Think the tongue helps the ball
get where it is supposed to go?

Ms. Priss loves everything there!

 Here is Mr. T doing his 2nd favorite thing
at Chuck E Cheese...

Here is Mr. T doing his 1st favorite thing at
Chuck E Cheese...
putting coins in any slot they will fit,
whether he actually plays the game or not!

Ms. Priss and her older girl cousin.
What a ride full of cuties!

Wow - that must be some ride!

And, see, the broken arm in the sling didn't
slow J down much...

This was the photographer's favorite picture of the day
so I had to include it.

The 6 of us...

Here is one with the almost the whole crew...
not sure why we didn't get Grammy to
jump into this one too!

The next day we hit the third children's museum of our trip...
It is neat to see the different exhibits at the museums.
The one in Portsmouth did a great job 
of having exhibits that were relevent to their culture.
The Portsmouth area is a HUGE shipping area.
There are shipyards and ports a plenty.

So one of the exhibits was a shipyard!
The kids got to "load and unload"
shipping containers from a pretend barge
to waiting tractor trailers.

(Now back to the stinky, fuzzy camera-phone pictures - sorry!)

Then Grammy & Alexis went fishing from the bow of the
tugboat looking exhibit.

And they had a bubble room.
It appears that this room was literally designed
to be hosed down at the end of the day!

They had a giant bubble maker...

This child makes the weirdest faces!

J and Mr. T took a few minutes to 
brush some GIANT teeth!

They also had some rather "gross" stuff
on the other side...
snot, mucus, a lifesize 3D manequin 
with true to size innards.
Bleh - 
no thanks!

 Then we were up the next morning and headed back to NC
(after daddy took the car for a quick oil change and tire rotation).

Why so soon?
yep, another ortho appt for J.

This was where we found out that the bone was slipping
and it probably should have been surgically corrected,
but as a team,
we decided not too.

So we didn't.

I am so glad that the hubs was there with me
for that appointment.
I would have HATED to try to make
that decision over the phone while sending him pictures
of xrays!

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