Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NC Trip: Week 5

Week 5

Week 5 was another busy week.
We attempted to shove as much stuff into this week
as we possibly could!

Tuesday we did one of my absolute 
"MUSTS" for an NC Fall!

The fair!

My mom and I took the munchkins to the fair.
And for the first time in 8+ years,
I could not use the
"I'm nursing"
"I'm pregnant"
excuse to eat absolutely
I wanted!

Each of the kids got a sheet of ride tickets
to use however they wished.
The hard part about this concept for my oldest child
is he wants to wander around for ever
looking at all of his options before he makes a decision!

Here is Mr. Cool chillin on the swings before they got started.

Ms. Priss and I decided to go along for a ride too
(even though these things make me wanna HURL! -
I don't do merry-go-rounds well either)

J and Mr. T hung out with Nana and watched from
the sidelines.
(Trust me - there is a Nana there - 
if you look closely - you can see that J has
sprouted an arm from the side of his head)

Another popular exhibit and must do for our crew is the
"Garden" exhibit that the fair sponsors each year.

The kids get a basket, then they walk through the 
real plants full of their fruit and pick fake 
items off of the fake plants.

Bringing the harvest to market...

After they pick their potatoes, strawberries, apples and blueberries,
they take them to the "market" to sell.
They are given "money" for their food,
then they take it into the "store" and trade it 
in on a goodie bag.

It is SUPER cute!

Mr. T was super proud of giving them his 

Here was a photo op.
I am not sure how Ms. Priss thinks this is a smile.
But this is what happens when you tell her to smile,

Another must visit exhibit for our crew.
The collection of GIANT pumpkins!

This is the BEST picture of the 4 I took of them
sitting in front of these things...

Then we went around to check out the mommy & baby animals
also in this building.

Mr. T liked the brahma bulls.

Ms. Priss liked the mommy & baby pigs.
(She takes after her momma - these are a fav of mine too)

Then the chicks & ducks...
Who knew poultry could be so mesmerizing?


Wednesday we had another ortho appt 
for J's arm.
There was a little piece over the knuckles at his hand
that was a little wiggly.
I wanted to make sure that we did everything we could
to prevent the break from slipping,
so I asked that they reinforce that area.
J decided on black cast material for the new piece.

It didn't adhere well at the top, so there was a flap
that would not lay down.
So mommy had to get creative. 
We added a little medical tape 
to keep that area down.
So here is what the resulting cast looked like.


Thursday we hit the local Children's Museum.
We love this museum!
And went about once every couple of months when we lived there.

Ms. Priss loved playing with the little treehouse dollhouse.

Mr. T, the choo choos.  He is a choo choo baby lately!!

I think he could have stayed here all day!

The older boys spent some time trying to tell 
two other kids how to play chess.
Eventually they let the other kids play in peace.

So J decided that a broken arm wasn't enough,
he needed to act like he had a broken leg too...
And took a stuffed kitty along for the ride.
Poor cat!

Mr. Priss decided to do some shopping 
and tell me all about it in the process.

(She is a cutie, isn't she?)

Then we checked out a science experiment they had set up
in the main aisle of the museum.

This experiment was little launch rockets.
They used those 35mm film canisters,
alkaseltzer & water.

Put water in the canister, then drop a little piece of 
alkaseltzer in there, then quickly put the lid on 
and flip it upside down.

Then stand back and wait...

We did quite a bit more at the museum, 
but apparently I didn't get any more pictures.

We finally left the museum and headed over to 
my bestie's house!
We have been friends since we were 7...
that is a LONG time!

We had plans to cook out and do dinner together.

The boys took a break from playing basketball,
or throwing a styrofoam airplane around,
or chasing the 14 yo brother's R/C car up and down the street,
to play a little bit of video games.
I was thrilled to see that J was figuring out how to 
do it one handed!

We ate dinner, visited and chatted a bit,
then she decided that they baby needed a bath.
So we bathed him.

Then after drinking a bottle of wine between the two of us 
(yes, out of coffee mugs),
and at the begging of the kids,
we opted to spend the night!

So there we were,
7 kids and 2 adults 
in her 2 bedroom condo.

But you know what - IT WORKED!

This is how to stack 4 kids in one room...

She and I are so similar in how we are raising our kids,
it worked.
They all listened
to both moms...
It was great!


We got up the next morning and saw her kids off to school.
Then we headed out.

We had to get back to Nana & Papa's and shower and pack...
daddy was arriving that evening!

So we squeezed in a little school work.
And some naps and packing...
then headed to the airport to get daddy!!

We were so excited!
My dad had been a lifesaver
and had fed the kids for me while I packed the car.
He even brought sushi home for me and the hubs!
Why were we packing?
Cause we were FINALLY headed up to Virginia
to see my husband's mom, sister & niece.
Daddy's flight got in around 8pm 
and we had a 3 1/2 hour drive ahead of us.

The kids were bathed & fed.
We had daddy in the car...
we were a happy crew!

After arriving around midnight to family we hadn't seen 
in well over a year,
we finally crawled into beds.

More on the VA Trip next posting.

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