Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy (quite belated) Birthday Daddy

I got a new toy
for Christmas,
but I was lucky enough to 
get it early
so I could play with it and enjoy it for

I also happened to get it 
right around daddy's birthday.
Which fell the weekend after 
Thanksgiving this year.
So my sweet husband had a 
Christmas tree up in the living room
when we celebrated his birthday!

I do my best to make ALL
the birthday cakes in this house.
I am willing to try just about anything:
ice cream cakes,
fondant covered cakes,
shaped cakes,

Daddy opted for a
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake

So I made a go at it.
And then
decided to tinker with my new toy...

Can you guess what my new toy is?
Nope, its not a spring form pan!  ;)


Group shot before daddy blew out his candles...

Then a shot of all of his helpers!

Whipped cream on the cake
and in the baby.

Whipped cream faces!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

The next day,
we headed to daddy's last football game.
Daddy coached football while we 
were in NC.
He has a little bit of a following,
and he wanted to make sure he kept
himself busy while we were gone. 
And since R is the coaches' son,
he tagged along and
got to participate in the last couple of games.

 Here are a few random
pictures from the game.
I had to play with my new toy!

What a mess...

Mid-game pep talk from the younger brother...

LOVE LOVE this picture!

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