Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas Card Pics 2012

I dread group pictures with these kids!
I do not like taking them to the 
photo studios
SOMEONE doesn't cooperate.

I took forever getting last year's 
Easter/Birthday pictures done 
out of sheer fear 
and procrastination.

First I have to find outfits for them,
either matching or coordinating,
then I have to make an appt,
the appt has to be when I think I can get there,
when I might have help (daddy)
when they might have napped but not too early
its just a mess.
And I dread it.

This year things were NUTS 
and the days in December
were quickly ticking away...
I told my little sis
that I might not get 
Christmas cards out this year
and she was insistant that I would!
Or that "I better"
(those were her words).

So I quickly gathered outfits...
and did my best to find a few minutes during our day
where I could dress them all,
do their hair
and take a couple of pictures.

Thanks to my new toy...
this was the BEST
photo session we have EVER had!

It wasn't a dream,
it wasn't perfect...
I didn't get 500 pictures to choose from
that were all great...
but the whole experience,
totally manageable...

Here are the four I narrowed it down to:

It was REALLY hard to choose from these.  

But ultimately, 
we went with this one.

Merry (Belated ) Christmas
From our Family,
To Yours!!

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