Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas Happening - Gingerbread Houses

For years we have always made
a gingerbread house.
I enjoy doing it with the kids
and it is one of our 
Christmas traditions.

Last year we went to a friend's house
and each of the kids got
individual gingerbread houses
made out of graham crackers.

I loved the idea so much,
I decided we were doing it from now on!

First we built the houses.
Just the boys helped me with this part.
We did this while the littles were napping.  

We used a small pack
of royal icing I had leftover from 
an unsuccessful attempt at
a gingerbread house 
last year.

We got a kit last year,
but the pieces didn't fit well
together and it was literally a

After we used all of the royal icing,
we still had a lot of building to do,
so we used melted white chocolate.

I melted it and poured it into a squeese bottle.

The melted white chocolate worked great!
It set up quickly,
so the boys and I had to work fast,
which was GOOD!

Then the decorating began!
I had quite a few items leftover from 
previous projects.
And then hit the local grocery store
for some extra stuff
that you usually find in a kit
and that I knew my kids would enjoy.

Daddy even joined in the fun!

Mr. T and I made one together

and he wound up 
eating the decorations off of the house
as fast as
 I could put them on the house!

R is concentrating so hard on this house!

And Mr. T was caught in the act of 
literally eating the decorations out of the container!
Skipped a step, right?
He just ate them straight out of the container
instead of waiting for me to go through
the trouble of putting them on the house.

We also made the Ninja Bread Cookies we purchased
in Boone
on our way back from NC.

Here are the resulting houses:

J's house: 

 Mommy & Mr. T's house:

 R's house:

Ms. Priss's house:

Daddy's house:

Our decorators, 
posing and sampling
their masterpieces!

We have found a new Christmas tradition in this house:
Individual Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses

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