Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ten on Ten - February

Here is a day in the life
our monthly 

Ten on Ten
(that you are getting on the 13th)

Our Sunday started off by two 
little ones crawling in the bed with us...
which means mommy got kicked out!

Getting ready for church,
the "leg plank diaper change"


Me taking pictures cause everyone was so cute:
(yes, that is a Christmas tie, but it was the only one
he had and the boy wanted to wear a tie)

Mr. T turned around and shook his booty
for the camera,
I tried to get it on video cause it was so cute,
but he didn't cooperate.

Sunday grocery shopping:
 I had someone comment on my "office".  :)

Changing the oil in mommy's car

Making popcorn snack for
the 14 kids in our co-op:
(there are 18 but the 4 littles didn't get popcorn)

Making lunches for our co-op day:
(yes it is 10:11 at night - I was whipped!)

Making & decorating cupcakes for our co-op
Valentine's Exchange Party

Back where we started the day...
I was so ready for that bed!!!

Do your Sunday's look anything like this???

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