Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy (again - Belated) Birthday Mr. T

we know I am behind on everything...

This one has a little of a "story" behind it though.

Mr.T turned 2 while we were in NC.
Last year, we were in NC
and daddy was in Texas
when our youngest child's
first birthday rolled around.
We decided to celebrate a few weeks early 
since daddy would be in town.

This year,
we considered changing 
our trip around a little 
so daddy could be there too.

But we couldn't get everyone 
together before daddy left NC
to come back to Texas.

Since Mr.T & Mommy were 
celebrating a birthday while we were in 
we decided to have a big party
at the end of our trip.

illness swept through the house
we decided not to have a party.
So we had a little get together
at Kanki
(mommy's favorite hibachi place)
to celebrate Mr. T's birthday,
without daddy.

I also waited on daddy to make 
Mr. T's birthday cake.

But since we didn't celebrate while we were in NC...
it just kept getting 

Until I finally just made the poor child a cake!

It was over 2 months after his birthday,
but it had to happen!
I couldn't NOT make this child
a cake for his 2nd birthday!

So we finally celebrated his Sept 23rd birthday,
as a family,
November 28, 2012
(the day before Daddy's birthday).

Better late than never!

So here are a couple of pictures from our small
family only
celebration of 
Mr. T's 2nd Birthday.

Since Mr. T is too young to tell me what kind of cake
he wants,
I let him choose which theme to go with.
He was totally into "Choo choos"...
so here is what I came up with.

The kids,
anxiously awaiting the presentation of the cake
(while daddy played with the camera)

Make a wish Mr. T!
(look at all that help he is getting from his 
siblings blowing out the candles!)

As is tradition in our house,
the birthday kid gets to make the first cut!
Don't worry folks,
it was a butter knife
and as you can see,
I was close by!

Daddy snuck in for a quick pic!
(yep, he's mine)

Then they looked so cute, 
I wanted in...
this was the first time we tried out the timer.
I was so excited with how well it worked out!!!

Sweet birthday cake kisses from the "birthday" boy!

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