Sunday, February 17, 2013

Recipe Corner: Turducken


So apparently this is not as common
as I thought it was.
I have heard of these things for years
seen them on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives...
they must be somewhat popular if they are on there,

So what exactly is a turducken??
It is a turkey, duck & chicken
all rolled into one.

The hubs had been wanting to try one,
I am not sure if they carry them where you are
but here, they are $60!

No way man!

Since we are the frugal people we are
We figured we were going to tackle it ourselves!
and we had
 a turkey in our freezer leftover from Thanksgiving
and we had a chicken in there too!

All we had to do was buy a duck.
The chicken was less than $4.
The turkey...pretty much free.
So we had to hunt for the duck.
Those bad boys are $20!
Good gracious!

this thing better be good!

The hubs volunteered to do most of the work.
I let him...
then sat back and took pictures. (tee hee)

We decided we were going to do it
on New Year's Day...

So here is how we spent
a good chunk of our 
New Year's Eve Day...

Step 1:
Debone a chicken

Step 2:
Debone a turkey
 (this time leaving the leg bones & wings)

Step 4:
Watch husband debone third fowl
the duck

( I put ALL of the stuff he was cutting
away and in a big pot and made
poultry broth - for later)

Step 4:
lay out the turkey, flat with skin side down
spread a layer of your choice of stuffing on
the meat side
spice as desired
(the hubs likes lots of spices, so he just added a little of everything)

Step 5:
lay duck skin side down on top of the stuffing
put on another layer of stuffing

Step 6:
lay chicken skin side down on top of that
then another layer of stuffing.

Step 7:
Roll the monstrosity up
so that it loosely resembles a turkey
(hubby rolled each fowl up individually
then start sewing...
we used metal skewers
(cause we had them and they worked)

Wow - he actually got it all held together!

Mr. T was cooking too - 
he was making dessert!

After getting the mostrosity sewn up,
we had to get it into a pan!

We did 
(but I guess my hands were dirty - 
cause apparently I didn't get a picture!)

But I did, of course,
get one after we removed it from the oven!
This was a total of 17 lbs of bird!
(well not really because we removed a LOT of bone)

I honestly can't remember how long we cooked it for,
but we did rely on the internet and a meat thermometer!

Doesn't look bad...

And a view of the inside after the cut!
You can see the layers of the different birds
and the stuffing between.
It was a neat experience.

But not necassarily a hit with this crew...
so not being one to waste stuff.
we repurposed this monstrosity!

We made
"Turducken & Dumplings"

(the best part of this...I chopped everything up
and put it in the crock pot before church,
then when we got home...
lunch was ready!!!)

"Turducken Salad"
The hubs loves chicken salad,
I used the same veggies I had put in the 
Turducken & Dumplings
(chopped onion & celery)
added a little Duke's mayo
and a little Lawry's Seasoned Salt
This was a HIT!
(with me & the hubs)

The added stuffing made it extra yummy!

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