Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas Visit

My mother-in-law blessed us with a visit
just after Christmas.
She arrived Dec 27th
and stayed through Jan 5th!
We had a great time,
a few days into her trip...
her sweet son,
gave her a cold
that turned into bronchitis.
She felt it coming
and wound up at Urgent Care
to get some meds.
It really slowed her down
and she spent
New Year's Eve
in bed...
all day
and pretty miserable.

But we still had a great time.

We exchanged gifts with Grammy...

And Grammy played some games
with Ms. Priss...
her FAVORITE thing to do 
is to play a game...
any game...
with anyone who will play!

We hit some of the "typical" places
we only do when Grammy is in town:
Incredible Pizza
Chuck E Cheese 
Rainforest Cafe

No pictures of those this time,
there are really only so many 
pictures you can take of kids at
those places.

We knew we had to hit SeaWorld,
but it decided to be "winter" the week
Grammy was here.
It was cold, dreary, overcast...
just yuck!

But we were determined to go...
So we bundled up the best we could
with what we had...
And braved the chilly weather
for SeaWorld!

We rode a few rides:

Grabbed some hot cocoa
and snuggled through the shows...

As you can see it was rather empty!

Mr. T got nice and cozy in the stoller 
and passed out on us

These next two are so cute...
they speak for themselves!

Posing in front of the MANY 
tree displays.
They do it up right with the decorations here!

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